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Containerscaping has become one of the hottest trends in the floral world over the last couple of years.  We put our own twist on this exciting trend with Stockslager’s Containerscapes.

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12 Aug / 2015

Mulch Madness

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According to the Arbor Day Foundation, a newly planted tree’s best friend is mulch.  But remember, a tree doesn’t want any junk on its trunk.  Especially if that junk is mulch.  Mulching always appears to be a task so straightforward that it’s hard to realize there are some essential techniques and important choices to consider. 

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17 Jul / 2015

The Heat is On

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Problems in the vegetable and flower garden can occur during summer’s hot weather.  Not the least of which is blossom drop.  It’s quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking events that can occur to the home gardener.  The heat can cause stress to plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash. When the temperatures reach 90, plants will drop their blossoms and will not produce fruit.  In addition, crops such as lettuce will bolt, meaning they will go to seed in hot weather.  When plants bolt they become bitter and tough.

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09 Jul / 2015

Not All Manure Stinks

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With so many choices of fertilizers available for your vegetable or flower garden, it’s difficult to know what to use.  There are some gardeners who only use manure.  But it’s also difficult to know which types of manure to use.  Many organic gardeners only use manure from plant-eating animals.  There are some points to keep in mind when processing or buying manure.

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Are you tired of offering the same, boring fundraisers for your non-profit organization?

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We want you to encourage your kids to play in the dirt!  That’s right.  Let them hang out in the dirt.  Inspire them to gently feel the worms and squash the dirt in their hands.  Raising the next generation of gardeners is important to society. 

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