$555,000 and Counting Raised Through Our Charity Program

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Are you tired of offering the same, boring fundraisers for your non-profit organization?

At Stockslager’s we have a solution for your group!  In fact, our fundraiser program has helped 16 non-profits earn more than $555,000.  We have enjoyed partnering with each of these groups over the last few decades in support of our community.

Offering our high quality plants to your supporters is a unique and attractive way to raise funds and to reach your charity, church, or school’s goals.  We will help you prepare for spring planting or help you set up your holiday poinsettia décor.  Every month of the year has its own unique beauty, thanks to the diversity of flowers, herbs, and edibles we grow in our greenhouses.  Stockslager’s has teamed with and assisted numerous non-profit groups whether it is through community events hosted at our garden, or offering our plants as a means to raise funds.

How it works

Call us and set up a selection of up to five different plant styles for your group to sell. Then establish a start and end date, and hit the ground selling!  It’s that simple.  We will have your order ready for you to pick up on the agreed-upon date.

Why we want to work with you

Our family has been doing business in this community for more than five decades.  We could not have been successful in business without the kind support of the people in this community.  It is our honor to seize every opportunity to help our neighbors.  Please call us today to get started with your fundraising effort. 

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