Football, Cool Days, Bonfires and Mums

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In Italy they represent death and are often found on tombstones.  In Japan, they are used to represent the royal family.

What’s your favorite part of fall?  If you are like our Stockslagers’ Facebook friendsyou like fall’s cool crisp nights, football, bonfires, and mums.  Pumpkins and the changing color of leaves certainly add color to the season, but Chrysanthemums (better known as the popular “mums”) really bring the variety of hues.  You can find mums in almost any color that makes you happy, though be sure to look for healthy plants with lots of branches coming off of the main stem.  A mum isn’t a mum if it isn’t very full of blossoms. 

Yes, they love cool temperatures, but mums are a full sun plant so remember to give them all of their eight hours in the sun.  They require steady watering, especially in the dry stretches of September.  And while it seems like mums are everywhere right now, the absolute best time to plant them is in the spring.  No worries though, planting them now can still be done, only be sure to prepare them for the upcoming winter.  After they have been killed by the first hard frost, cut your mums back to the ground and provide them a cozy blanket of mulch.  

Finally, if you are a mum fanatic, take a drive to Akron this weekend for the 25th Annual Mum Festival.  In fact, the Akron Beacon Journal claims that if you haven’t been to Mum Fest in Barberton, Ohio, you haven’t seen mums.  You’ll be able to see nearly 20,000 mums in full color.  However, if you can’t make it to Barberton, be sure to stop in to Stockslagers Greenhouse and Garden Center and check out all of our vibrant Mums.  Our mum specialists are eager to talk to you about all about them.

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