Your Child Can Win Stockslagers’ “Great Pumpkin Challenge”

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We get it. It’s May and no wants to wish away the summer to talk about Halloween or Thanksgiving pumpkins. But we have to. To enjoy pumpkins in the fall, we must plant them in late spring.

This May bring your children (ages 4 to 12) into our Garden Center and they will receive free Big Max Pumpkin seeds to plant by June 10 as part of Stockslager’s “Great Pumpkin Challenge.” Then, mark your calendars for September 27, 2014! Junior gardeners can enter for their chance to win by bringing in their Big Max pumpkin for an official weigh-in. Pumpkins are weighed at 10:45 a.m. Winners will be announced immediately, with cash prizes presented to the top three growers!

Here are some tips to grow the biggest and best pumpkins and maximize your junior gardener’s chance to win the “Great Pumpkin Challenge.”

  • Pumpkins are squash, which are native to North America. They are delicate and very susceptible to cold weather when they are first planted. They need to be planted by June 10 in Ohio to allow for 100 days of frost free growing time.

  • Pumpkins need a lot of room to grow, so be sure to account for the large vine and fruit that will develop by late July.

  • Pumpkins require lots of water, at least an inch per week. Be sure to water at the roots and try not to get the leaves wet. Wet leaves enable disease.

  • After a few small pumpkins have formed on your vines, be sure to pinch off the very end of the vines so the plant’s energy can be focused on developing nice large fruits.

  • Choose a couple of favorable young pumpkins and prune the rest out to focus on growing the perfect pumpkin. SECRET TIP: To make your prize-winning pumpkin perfectly round, you must turn the pumpkin while it’s growing to ensure evenness on all sides.

Good luck on winning the “Great Pumpkin Challenge”!

When: September 27, 2014

Time: 10:45 a.m.

Who: Children ages 4-12

What: Get your pumpkin seeds at Stockslagers Garden Center during the month of May.

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