Going Up?

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We’ve covered raised bed gardening and all its benefits on this blog before.  Now let’s take raised bed gardening and raise it to a higher level.  That true higher level is a vertical one. 

Vertical gardening is not so much of a trend that can come and go anymore.  It is becoming a frequent sight in urban spaces around the world.  Because growing upward requires less ground space, it is attractive to many who live in apartments with balconies or other homes with small yards.

Also known as a living wall (if it is used to cover an ugly one), vertical gardens and their gardeners can be spectacularly creative.  Just Google “vertical gardening” and take a look at all the pictures on the web.  We’ve seen a chimney garden, fabric and plastic pocket hangers, bricks used at gardens, as well as pvc pipes, rain gutters, and 2 liter pop bottles holding plants.  You can even use an old dresser.  Simply open the drawers and fill it with dirt and plants.

Of course there are entire vertical garden systems that are manufactured, patented and sold on the internet.  Many of these systems are quite innovative with intricate irrigation and drainage systems.  Check out the Living Tower and you’ll see our point.

Part of the reason these vertical gardens systems (contraptions in some instances) are successful is due to the amount of substantial air and sunlight the plants receive.  Couple that with virtually no weeds or soil borne illnesses or pests and that’s a winning formula.  

There are definitely some plants that will succeed better than others in a vertical environment.  Stop in and talk to our garden center experts about our own vertical garden ideas and which plants you should choose.  We hear some people have found success growing potatoes vertically.  That sure beats bending down on your hands and knees to pull them out of the ground.  

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