Best Way to Fight the Winter Blahs? Plan your Garden!

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We sure hope everyone has a great holiday season and New Year’s celebration.  Now the long sludge of winter is before us.  Winter can represent a difficult wait for spring, especially for gardeners.

There are steps you can be taking during this time to ensure your garden is the best it can be this summer.  Now is the time to review what worked and didn’t work last year. Now is the time to build your budget. Now is the time to ponder how to best pest-proof your garden (including keeping your puppy out of your tomatoes). And now is the time to assess the space you have to dedicate to new plants.  

Valentine’s Day is a couple of months away but it is never too early to play match maker—garden match maker, that is!  As you may know certain plants thrive next to other specific plants.  And some plants, such as fennel and dill, need to stay far away from each other.  This is the perfect time to research which plants will tolerate each other.

Do you want to build a new above ground plot?  Or two?  Plan those plots now and you can even build the frames and store them in your garage or shed until spring.   

Please stop in to Stockslaglers for assistance with any of these wintery suggestions.  We will be glad to guide you in your planning by providing creative ideas, and can even help you build a budget with plants that will thrive in your garden.

Don’t forget to bring in some photos of your garden areas so our specialists can provide you with detailed advice!


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