4 Winter Gardening Tasks To Set You Up For Spring Success

Written by Paige Vandiver Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t use your green thumb! Winter is the perfect time to catch up on all of those garden tasks that you were too busy to get to in the months when your garden was thriving. It’s also a perfect time to get ready …

best houseplants low light

The Best Houseplants For Low and Indirect Light

Written by Edward Harris As I’m writing this, it’s January here in Zone 6, Dayton, Ohio. One thing that helps me get through the long winters is the year-round plants I grow indoors. Houseplants are just good — they’re good for the air, they’re good for your physical health, and they’re good for your mental …


The 3 Best Free Plant Identification Apps of 2020 for Dayton Gardeners

Written by Paige Vandiver These days, there’s an app to help you do absolutely everything. From meditation to banking to ordering food — there are few things you can’t do from your phone, and identifying plants is no exception.  There are a considerable number of plant identification apps for both iPhone and Android (but not …


7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Diagnosing Problems With Your Houseplant

Written by Paige Vandiver When those delightful plants that bring so much joy and color to your space are looking unhappy, there are some common questions you can ask yourself when investigating how to bring them back to life. 1 – Do You Know Your Plant? Getting to know your plant is the first step …

paperwhite flowers

The Care and Keeping of Paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta)

Written by Paige Vandiver When sleigh bells are ringing and snow is billowing through the air, you might think that flowers and springtime are months away. But while you’re decking the halls for the holiday season, don’t overlook one of the most beautiful ways to decorate for Christmas: with the elegant and cheerful Paperwhite flower.  …


When is it Too Late to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs?

Written by Paige Vandiver If you stopped by Stockslagers on a crisp Autumn day and grabbed yourself a bunch of spring-blooming bulbs, you might feel like you’re “under the gun” to get them in the ground as soon as possible. Or maybe you haven’t gotten the chance to stop by the garden center this fall, …