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19 Nov / 2015

Holiday Season

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As we head into the holiday season, it’s the time of year for all of us to reflect on serious holiday plant matters.  So to begin, exactly what is a “bough of holly”?  And why was the partridge in a pear tree?  Why not an elm or a birch tree?

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According to oncology dietitians around the world, research shows a direct connection between diet and cancer outcomes. Healthy choices are tantamount to positive cancer outcomes, and this month, Stockslagers is joining forces with Women’s Wellness and Noble Circle to illuminate how gardening can help prevent and fight cancer, and how the very foods in your garden can give you a better life.

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For those of us who love to garden for hours at a time, it’s not uncommon to “feel it” the next day. Whether you’re hoeing the earth, pulling weeds, or planting seeds, all that bending over can do a number on your back. 

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Fall is the time we usually start to clean up our gardens and rake the falling leaves.  It is also the perfect time to start a compost pile. 

Did you know your compost pile is also a chemistry project?  Because all organic matter is made up of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N), it is extremely important to balance these two elements in your compost pile.


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12 Aug / 2015

Mulch Madness

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According to the Arbor Day Foundation, a newly planted tree’s best friend is mulch.  But remember, a tree doesn’t want any junk on its trunk.  Especially if that junk is mulch.  Mulching always appears to be a task so straightforward that it’s hard to realize there are some essential techniques and important choices to consider. 

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09 Jul / 2015

Not All Manure Stinks

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With so many choices of fertilizers available for your vegetable or flower garden, it’s difficult to know what to use.  There are some gardeners who only use manure.  But it’s also difficult to know which types of manure to use.  Many organic gardeners only use manure from plant-eating animals.  There are some points to keep in mind when processing or buying manure.

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