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In nature, there is a living carpet covering the ground in forests and wooded areas.  This carpet consists of leaves, bark, twigs, bugs, and other organic matter comprising what can be called nature’s own mulch. What occurs naturally in wooded areas needs to be replicated in the areas around our home.  And this is the time of year to begin our own task of mulching. 

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The island of Faial in the Azores (located near Portugal) is known as the "blue island" because of the great number of hydrangeas growing on the island.  The island sees plenty of rain and has perfectly acidic soil. Hydrangea is a shade-loving plant that enjoys a moist, fertile, well-drained soil.  When grown correctly, its flowers are incredibly blue due to the acid in the soil and the high aluminum content.

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14 Apr / 2015

The Wait is Over!

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It’s time! Winter is over and we need to get into gardening mode.  Now is the time, while the weather is still a bit too chilly to plant, to plan those gardens.  Can’t decide what to plant?  There are so many great options.  Let us help you brainstorm by mentioning a couple of exciting gardening trends for 2015.

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It’s April, which means it’s time to get the party – I mean garden – started!

First thing’s first. A healthy garden requires healthy soil, and when’s the last time you checked your soil? Especially if you’re starting a fresh garden on a new plot, testing the soil is very important. Making sure your soil has a good PH balance, isn’t too sandy or heavy in clay, and can support a healthy garden is going to make all the difference in yield and health of your plants.

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You work so hard in your garden to make it beautiful. It would be a shame if your garden became sick. Yes, they can become sick if you aren’t following healthy garden practices. 

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Wouldn’t it be great if gardeners could combine the best qualities of two plants to make one plant?

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