A Peek Behind the Curtain at Stockslagers Garden Center

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Ever wonder how Twinkies and other fun foods are made?  There’s a show on one of the food channels that demonstrates how huge complex machines fill hundreds of cakes with yummy cream at one time.  This technology allows Hostess to churn out  thousands of Twinkies per day.

A similar process goes on behind the scenes at Stockslagers Garden Center.  Our technology allows us to sow, grow, and transplant hundreds of plants for flats and pots.  While not quite as yummy as Twinkie production, it certainly is a sight to see.  As much of our business is a wholesale operation, we embrace technology to the fullest to allow us to produce as many quality plants as we can.  Think about how dreadful it would be to hand sow thousands of impatiens.  Check out how our plants are sown on a unique machine using a conveyor belt.  These plugs are then taken to a humid germination house, where heaters with timers are built into the floor.  When the plugs are ready, they can be transplanted into flats or even hanging baskets.

The benefit of having technology that produces thousands of plants every year, is that we have been able to build an incredible bank of expertise in sowing and growing plants.  Whether it is geraniums or various roses, we have tips and tricks that our customers can use in their own gardens.

Virtually visit our garden center by checking out all of our YouTube videos.  And when you physically stop in to Stockslagers this spring, remember to ask for your free pumpkin seeds until June 10.  Early June is the time to plant pumpkins so they harvest in the fall.  Snag your seeds now!

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