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At Stockslagers, there's always something exciting and new waiting you in our garden center. Whether it's an elegant Containerscape, a "Blooming Beauties" bursting with color or a journey into the world of magical faries, the only limit is your imagination.

Our programs are open to people of all ages and are the perfect way to spruce uo your home or buisness.

Blooming Beauties

Blooming Beauties

At our garden center, the Blooming Beauties collection is the "best of the best." For our customer’s enjoyment, we have created this line from the best available top brands and put them into an exceptional collection of premium plants. Beautiful to look at and inviting to display, the Blooming Beauties Collection are available only at our premiere garden center and at select retailers.

The collection is made up from top quality plants, elevating them from anything found at a mass merchant “box” store. When you see the Blooming Beauties logo, you can be assured that you are purchasing the finest quality from the largest selection of plants available anywhere. For more information, stop in and let any of our expert team members show you how this collection can make your home even more beautiful.



One of the more popular trends in floral expression over the past few years are mixed planters. Dayton's favorite garden center puts its own twist on this exciting line with Stockslager’s Containerscapes.

Our customers, retailers, landscapers and municipalities will tell you that these containerscapes are thrilled with both the color and the quality! We use the top manufactured pots and the finest plants in our containerscape creations and they are sure to impress your family and friends at your next barbeque!

Endless varieties and combinations can be made to suit your specific needs and your individual tastes. Stop by our garden center today and have one of our “Containerscape Pros” help you find exactly what you’re looking for! It's one more reason why Dayton turns to Stockslagers for all of their gardening needs.

Patio Harvest

Patio Harvest

Summertime. It means fresh vegetables, lively gardens cookouts full of your favorite home-grown tastes as you sit back and relax on your deck, patio, or porch. What better way to enjoy these fresh foods than with Stockslagers garden center's newly introduced Patio Harvest collection?

This collection offers a variety of veggies and plants that are specifically chosen to be grown in containers. Choices range from the simplicity of a one-pot patio tomato plant to a combination of herb plants for an enhanced selection.

For the gardener short on time or space, our Patio Harvest collection is the answer! For example, check out the "Simply Salad" bowls filled with luscious greens and crispy lettuces for scrumptious salads. This spring, stop in and design your own “garden in a pot.” Our garden center's expert staff is available to help you grow your own tasty and nutritious fruits and veggies.





Great gift idea to help you acknowledge your love and appreciation year-round to the special people in your life.

Our four season plant program gives them a plant a month. Pick the months of your choice and receive corresponding gift certificates for live plants that can be redeemed throughout the year at our garden center. (One recipient per program)

The regular cost of the Four Season Plant Program gift certificated is $12.50 per month per person.

If four or more different months/plants for each recipient are purchased, the cost is $10.00 per month per person.

At the time of pickup, each gift certificate is also worth 20% off regularly priced retail plant items.


Fairy Gardening

Fairy Gardening

Our garden center is offering a new line called Fairy Gardening. We offer these miniature structures with living plants, designed to lure fairies and their “magical” good luck to your home.

These tiny gardens are perfect for tending indoors during cold, winter months and the ideal way for a young gardener to get their first experience at taking care of their own project. It's an ideal outlet for your imagination as there's no limit to the designs that can be created.


Stockslager's Wholesale

For half a century, Stockslager’s has been Dayton's (and wholesalers throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky) top choice for quality annuals and perennials. Our garden center employees take pride in supplying independent retailers, such as grocery stores, hardware stores and other garden centers, with our home-grown inventory of plants.

Landscapers throughout Dayton have found satisfaction with the quality and selection of our products and services. If your company or business has a specific need, let us know, and we can grow it for you. Whether its a flat of annuals or a couple of Stockslager’s Containerscapes for the entrance of your home or business, come see us and what we can do for you!

You'll grow with us year after year.


Group Sales

Fundraising can be critical for the success of organizations, church and school groups throughout Dayton. Let us suggest a plant sale of spring bedding plants, fall mums, or our spectacular poinsettias.

Another option is selling Stockslager’s vouchers! These are very easy money-makers that are a way for people to buy their plants and support your group with very little work on your part.

Contact us if you are interested in more details about our group sale opportunities. Our garden center team members are happy to assist you in any way we can. Let our beautiful products help you make money today!