Our Top Tips for your Garden and Landscaping for December

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We know this time of the year is busy.  We also know that making a small amount time to accomplish a few tasks in your yard can save you tons of time in the spring and make quite a difference in the quality of your garden and landscaping. 

Our recommendations:

  • Your poinsettias will last longer if you let them become only slightly dry before watering – don’t forget to let the water drain out of the foil wrapper to prevent soggy bottoms
  • It is time to prune your Holly bushes, which is convenient for holiday decorations
  • Consider recycling your Christmas tree – use the needles and limbs to mulch your perennial beds to protect them when it snows or add them to your compost pile
  • Be sure to give your compost pile a hefty turn and then cover it with thick plastic or old carpet to prevent it from becoming too cold
  • Gather up the last remaining leaves for your compost pile – this will also prevent any dead patches in your lawn by allowing it to see the light 
  • December is a great time to aerate your lawn
  • Clean up any leaves or mulch around the base of any plants that suffered rust or disease this year
  • Be sure to bring your clay pots into the garage or shed as  freezing temperatures could crack them – if you don’t have the space to bring them in, you can use bubble wrap to insulate them 
  • Now is the time to plan your vegetable plants for next year making sure to rotate the crops (stop into Stockslagers garden center and talk with our garden specialists about proper crop rotation)
  • Don’t forget…storing firewood against the house is not recommended because it gives termites easy access to your home
  • Finally, remember to drain every last bit of water out of your garden hose so freezing water doesn’t make it burst

As always, stop in and see us at Stockslagers Garden Center during the winter months.  Our garden specialists are ready and willing to chat about all the winter activities you can do to keep your garden and landscaping in tip-top shape.  Be sure to catch us here next month when we discuss how to keep your indoor (and some outdoor) plants thriving inside your house during the winter months.

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