Here’s How to keep Houseplants Happy and Healthy.

At first, taking care of houseplants seems like an easy task. After all, how hard could it be? After months of owning a houseplant, however, you find that it dries out, turns brown, wilts, and dies. What gives? Turns out, there are some tricks that most houseplant owners don’t know! Here are some tips to keep happy and healthy houseplants, even if you’ve got a brown thumb.

Many Houseplants Die Because of Improper Watering.

Take heed, the way you water matters. Many plant owners take a haphazard approach to watering, and end up with an inconsistent watering schedule that puts their plants through feast and famine. Don’t be that plant owner! When you purchase a houseplant, keep its tag so you can always remember how much water and sunlight it needs.

Better yet, perform basic research on the plant so you’re better informed about risk factors and common issues with the plant. This way, you can be informed when common problems arise.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to watering your houseplants:

  • Be consistent!

Even if it means writing down on your calendar to “water the aloe plant in the guest room”, you need to have a system in place so you remember to check the soil moisture consistently, according to the plant’s need.

  • Avoid fungal disorders by using a long-necked watering can.

Wet leaves can lead to rot and other fungal disorders. Take care while watering your plants, and avoid spills.

  • Water your plants like they’re thirsty!

Don’t just give your plants a few drops. Soak them through until water pours out the bottom of the container! Keep in mind, if the water is flowing out the bottom of the container immediately, the water might be moving through the potting soil too fast. This is a cue to water slower, so the plant has time to suck up moisture.

  • Water in the morning.

When you water your plants at night, you’re not allowing the plant to dry out, which lets the plant sit in moisture. This leads to root rot and other ugly fungal diseases. Avoid this by watering the plant in the morning. This way, the plant will have all day to rest in the sunshine and dry out a bit.

  • Check the soil moisture with your finger before watering.

If the soil feels damp, there’s usually no need to water quite yet. Keep an eye on it and come back the next day. Most plants don’t like wet feet.

  • The temperature of the water matters!

If you water your plants with water that’s too hot or too cold, it can shock the plant and make it less resilient. Instead, leave the water out for a few hours so it can become tepid. Plants prefer water that is room temperature.

  • Your tap water might have too many chemicals in it.

City water often has chlorine and fluoride, both which can harm the plant. If you leave the water out overnight, chances are the chlorine will evaporate into the air, but the fluoride is there to stay. Your best bet is to water your plants with fresh, clean rain water, so start collecting rain water today!

  • Your plant’s container might be suffocating it.

Pay attention to the kind of container your plant comes in. There should be drainage holes on the bottom, and there should be enough space around the plant for it to breathe. Natural terra cotta planters are best because of their porous, breathable nature.

Remember: if your plant came with decorative foil around the container, remove the foil immediately. Decorative foil can suffocate the plant by not allowing proper water drainage or air flow. It’s best to let the plant breathe!

Other Tips to Keep Your Houseplants Happy

The care and keeping of houseplants changes with the seasons. In the winter, plants may dry out more easily, and may become sensitive to window drafts and heat registers. It might benefit your plants to purchase a humidifier to keep moisture in the air. 

Houseplants can add beauty and health to your home, so be sure to return the favor. Many of us have experienced a dead houseplant at least once in our lives, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Knowing proper watering practices can be a strong start in making sure that your houseplants are healthy and happy for years to come.

Here at Stockslagers, we have everything you need to keep your houseplants healthy. Stop on by for watering cans, fertilizer, decorative pots, and more. Who knows, maybe here you’ll find your next favorite houseplant!

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