Running around town looking for holiday gifts?

With not much time left to shop, and the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent, finding alternatives to the usual gift can be tricky.

The turning of the seasons means a lot of change, both with the weather and chapters of your life.

It can be difficult, especially now, to connect with the people you love. With Zoom calls and the occasional hello at the grocery store, finding time or the right gift to show people you are thinking of them is getting harder.

So, how can you show them you care from afar?

Stuck on What to Do? Here’s a Great Idea for Stuffing the Stockings.

Not all gifts need to be “one and done”. This year, give the gift that can continue every month!

With Stockslagers Four Seasons Plant Program, you can choose which months you want to receive a plant.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose what months you would like to redeem plants.
  2. Receive gift cards for those plants.
  3. Redeem your gift cards throughout the year!

Instead of popping into those busy stores for the cheap and overused gift, purchase this program from the comfort of your home.

And the best part? It’s only $12.50 per month.

What to Expect in Your Gifts

Each plant is designed to go along with the season or holiday that occurs that month. Enjoy a Shamrock for March, a Belgian Mum for September, and a Poinsettia for December!

Houseplants for January

Choose any houseplant of your choice to brighten up the barren winter days.

For the brown thumb: consider a hard-to-kill plant like the ZZ Plant (otherwise known as the Zanzibar gem.) We also have a huge selection of tropicals, palms, succulents, cacti, and more.

Cyclamens for February

Having a house plant in the winter is something that can really cheer you up, especially during the first dreary month of the year. Gifting this to a friend (or yourself) can help you to get through those gloomy days!

Cyclamens are super easy to care for, as they really only need enough water to keep them from drying out until they get their new leaves in the fall. Plus, this plant is an adorable pink shade that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

According to Gardens Illustrated, “Cyclamen are a genus of about 20 tuberous perennials grown for their pink and white flowers that appear at a time when few other plants are flowering. Most cyclamen are found around the Mediterranean and across southern France, Italy, Greece and into Turkey. Cyclamen habitat ranges from deciduous woodlands to scrubland and rocky areas. “

March, of course, brings SHAMROCKS!

Shamrocks are surprisingly easy to care for, and are festive for St. Patrick’s Day. Without needing direct sunlight, getting out of those winter months doesn’t phase this plant. Be sure to have the plant at room temperature and with great air flow.

Easter Lilies for April

The Easter Lily is perfect for April, as it celebrates the holiday and brings light into the spring. With beautiful white petals and a yellow center, this flower is sure to brighten up your table as the new season begins.

According to The Spruce, “A World War I soldier, Louis Houghton, is credited with starting U.S. Easter lily production when he brought a suitcase full of lily bulbs with him to the southern coast of Oregon in 1919. He gave them away to friends, and when the supply of bulbs from Japan was cut off as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the rising price of the bulbs suddenly made the lily business a viable industry for these hobby growers, earning the bulbs the nickname “White Gold.”

easter lily

Flowery Hanging Baskets for May

For May, enjoy a hanging basket of your choice for your porch or garden! Following this is the Sunfinity Sunflower, which rings in the summer with color! Grow your very own Sunflower easily, as the care is very minimal for these plants.

July brings the Rose Bush

…Which is fitting for the month that celebrates American Independence. (Did you know the rose is a symbol of America? Now you know!)


An Herb Garden for August

Having an herb garden is the perfect gift for that cook that wants the freshest ingredients possible. What cook doesn’t love the fresh scent of rosemary, parsley, basil, thyme, and other herbs to spice up dinnertime?

A Belgian Mum for September

How to Care for Mums

The Belgian Mum is a great way to begin the fall season, decorating the porch or the kitchen table as the temperature begins to dip.

Our Belgian mums end up being very large, healthy, and ready to cheer on Autumn.

October and November – combos for the season!

Autumn flowers and early winter garden staples such as decorative kale, brighten up our combo pots, which look lovely on a front porch or back patio.

December bring the Poinsettia.

Last is the Poinsettia, a staple for the December holidays. The red leaves and large bloom complete the winter ambience that every household loves to have.

Learn more about this fascinating Christmas bush that originates in Mexico by checking out our blog article, “Six Unique Poinsettia Varieties” and “The Proper Care and Keeping of Poinsettias.”

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