Roses are an absolute delight. We love to see those beautiful and vibrantly colored blossoms in our gardens. The versatility of roses makes them the perfect ornamental plant.

As much as they make a lovely sight, roses can be quite tricky for gardeners. Not only do they require a lot of hard work to grow, but they also easily get infected with diseases.

That’s where the Knock Out Rose comes in. Originally introduced 20 years ago, the Knock Out Rose is the easiest to grow, making them a gardener’s favorite.

Knock out roses are resilient, disease-resistant, and do not require any special care to grow. They can also survive in hot regions as they have high heat tolerance. When it comes to planting Knock out roses, let’s take a look at what it entails.

Planting Knock Out Roses

When to Plant Knock Out Roses

The perfect time to plant these beauties is early spring or fall (at least six weeks before the first frost). Planting at these times will ensure that the roots of your plants will be strong enough to withstand the summer as well as the cold of winter.

Where to Plant Knock Out Roses

Knock out roses love sunlight and should be planted in areas with full access to the sun. Although most Knock Out Roses will grow in partly shaded locations, they will not flower as much as they would if planted in areas with direct access to sunlight. The Knock out rose (radrazz) and the Double knock out rose (radtko), however, thrive best in partly shaded locations.

How To Plant Knock Out Roses in Ohio

Plant your knock out roses in your garden following these steps:

  • Dig a planting hole wider than the container of your plant.
  • Remove the knock out rose from its container and gently loosen its roots.
  • Place your plant inside the hole and make sure that the base of the plant is level with the surrounding soil.
  • Fill the hole around the plant with soil.
  • Crumble the soil so that it is loose and aerated.
  • Place a layer of mulch around the plant to retain moisture and to prevent weeds.
  • Lastly, water the base of the plant thoroughly.

Caring for Knock Out Roses

Knock out roses are low-maintenance plants, and they look great even with minimal attention. However, to keep them healthy and to encourage vibrant blooms, you have to care for them. Caring for knock out roses involves fertilizing, watering, and pruning.

Fertilizing Roses

Although knock out roses will do great even without fertilizers, you can give them an additional boost by applying a balanced fertilizer or a fertilizer specially formulated for knock out roses. Fertilizers with high nitrogen content will have your plant blossoming beautifully all summer.

Apply fertilizer around the roots of the plant and not at the base of the plant itself. Ensure the soil is moist before you fertilize to avoid burning the plant roots. Avoid fertilizing late in the summer as that will only encourage new flower growths that would most likely die during frost season. It would be best if you stopped fertilizing at least a month before your first frost date.

Watering Roses Properly

Knock-out roses need to be watered regularly, especially during the first growing cycle to encourage strong and healthy roots.  How fast the soil dries will determine how much you water your plant. It is recommended to water when the top 2-3 inches of the soil is dry. During periods of drought or excessive heat, monitor the soil to ensure it is not drying out too quickly. 

How and When to Prune Knock Out Roses 

Knock out roses can grow as tall as 3 to 4 feet and as broad as 3 to 4 feet. Rose bushes are not unruly. They also do not need deadheading, but light pruning may be necessary to maintain their size and height. The natural shape of knock out roses makes pruning relatively easy. Prune your rose bush early in spring or late in winter when they are dormant to get the best flowering results all season. Read more

Knock out roses are ideal because of how beautiful they are and how easy it is to grow them. They come in various colors and sizes, each unique in its way. 

A few of the members of the Knockout family of roses include:

  • Knock Out Rose “Radrazz”
  • Double Knock Out Rose ‘Radtko’
  • Pink Knock Out Rose ‘Radcon’
  • The Pink Double Knock Out Rose ‘Radtkopink’
  • The Blushing Knock Out Rose ‘Radyod’
  • The Rainbow Knock Out Rose ‘Radcor’
  • The Sunny Knock Out Rose ‘Radsunny’ 
  • The Coral Knock Out Rose ‘Radral’
  • Peachy knock out Rose ‘Radgor’
  • White Knock out Rose ‘Radwhite’
  • Petite knock out Rose ‘Mei Benbino’ and more

Knock Out Roses continue to increase in popularity, and there is no doubt that more Knock out roses will be discovered. These stress-free beauties are certainly what your garden needs.

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