Gourds have been used for several purposes over the years. From being used by the Egyptians as water bottles centuries ago to now being used as utensils, ornaments, containers, birdhouses and even lanterns.

The appearance of gourds have improved over the years, creatives have been exploring cute and fun ways to make these versatile non-edible cucurbit fruits bring out a special effect when they are placed in homes and office spaces.

Here are some of the cutest gourd crafts we have ever seen!

Painting Gourds

Painting a gourd helps to cover up the blemishes, distortions and scars that could be on the old object.

The steps to creating a painted gourd are quite straightforward.

  • Select a gourd or the desired amount you want.
  • Prepare the gourd(s) by wrapping each up in a towel and soaking it in a bucket of warm water. Leave to dry.
  • Select the colours of paint you’d like to use for your chosen design or freestyle.
  • Apply paint after you’ve sketched your design in the gourd.

Dried Gourd Lanterns

Gourd lanterns are fun to make. They could be used in place of jack o’ lanterns during festivities. The upside is that unlike jack o’ lanterns, these dried gourd lanterns have no risk of moulding and they are long-lasting; could be reused for several years.

Making a dried gourd lantern;

  • Using a saw or knife, cut the stem of your gourd.
  • Make a hollow with a spoon.
  • Make designs on the gourd with a drill.
  • Finally, insert your flameless LED candles into the clean hollow.

Gourd Ornaments

The various shapes of gourds, as well as their dried form, make them perfect for creating different size-ranging ornaments. 

You only need to select your gourd size and shape with a design in mind. After this, you scrub, sand, and wax till it has a smooth and shiny appearance. You can choose to insert strand lights through tiny holes drilled into the gourds. Other designs could be added to make your gourd ornament unique.

Picture of a basket of gourd ornaments

A Gourd Bird House

Gourds can serve as houses for several cavity-nesting bird species. These birdhouses are quite unusual and can be made in different shapes and designs.

How to make a birdhouse

  • Select the desired gourd.
  • Sanitize the exterior part of the gourd by soaking in a  bleach+water solution.
  • Create an entrance for the bird and drill drainage holes on the gourd.
  • You can choose to paint the exterior.
  • Using a length of leather or wire, hang the birdhouse.

Picture of a painted gourd crafted into a birdhouse

Gourd Flower Pot

This is an inexpensive version of a flower vase. These repurposed dried gourds are easy to transform into different sizes of hanging flower pots. 

The gourd flower pot can be used to decorate gardens, porches, living areas, as well as office spaces. The steps to create a gourd flower pot is more or less the same used to create a gourd birdhouse; only this time you’d be putting your flowers into it.

Picture of a gourd flower pot

Gourd Garland

If you’re tired of using the same type of decor for festivities each year, then you can try making gourd garlands to hang around your home.

Gourd garlands are gourds painted to suit a theme and then hung on the heath as a garland. Simple!

For Halloween or Christmas or even for Easter, select some gourds, paint them, and hang them on a line. 

Give your space a new look this way.

Picture of a Halloween gourd garland

Gourd Bird Feeder

You’re sure to have seen gourd bird feeders for sales online and in brick-n-mortar decor stores. It is easy to make, especially when you already have a dried-out gourd.  


  1. Cut the dried gourd in half with a serrated knife.
  2. Clean out the hollow.
  3. Drill well-positioned holes on the gourd for a  wire to be fastened as a holder for the gourd.
  4. Put your desired bird feed into the hollow. 

Picture of a gourd bird feeder

That’s it!

Have fun as you get to practice these crafts from the comfort of your homes.


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