Geraniums come in a variety of beautiful colors and require easy care. That’s probably why they’re so popular. 

You can plant them in a variety of settings. And they really add to the general decor.

Place them in a window box. Or plant them in your outdoor garden. They are great to decorate the home, or use them as a welcome to your guests by your front door.

Plus, they just smell good. When you pass by, you just want to take in their scent.

And here’s a huge reason to love them. They are really hard to kill. So you don’t need a green thumb to successfully grow them. 

Proper care for geraniums

Geranium season is conventionally spring. This plant loves the warmer temperatures. You want to grow these after the winter frost recedes. 

As mentioned, growing these is easy. Just make sure to plant them in well draining soil. And also make sure they have exposure to the sun. They require at least six hours of sunlight daily.

Plant them up to twelve inches apart. Geraniums can vary in height, and some can grow quite tall. 

Make sure to check the soil weekly. And water them when the top soil is dry. Mulching can also be beneficial for keeping the soil moist. 

Finally, re-pot indoor plants as they grow. This will help keep them vibrant and healthy.

Aphids: A common geranium issue

Geraniums require such easy care. What could go wrong?

Aphids are a common issue that can negatively affect the health of geraniums. 

You’ll often find these bugs on geraniums. Sure, they can be annoying. But if you have a large aphid infestation, it can cause real problems. Successfully handling an aphid infestation is essential to your geranium garden’s health and longevity.

How to tell if you have an aphid problem 

Signs of an aphid infestation can be tricky. Aphids come in a variety of colors, but are very often green and can blend right in with the leaves. So you have to watch for subtle signs that something is wrong. 

Rose aphids and Oleander aphids are the most common varieties that attack geraniums.

They may be waxy. And they may have antennae. However, they are also very small and often invisible to the naked eye. 

A common sign of an aphid infestation is a leaf curl. Also look for honeydew excretion on the leaf. 

Perhaps there will be yellowing or misshapen leaves. Or the honeydew may cause mold that turns the branches and leaves black. Perhaps, the flowers may become deforemd. 

These are all common signs of an aphid infestation.

You solution to aphids on your geraniums

Prevention is key. You can’t wait until you see signs of damage on your geraniums. At that point, you already have an infestation. 

A first line of defense is to spray them with a substance that destroys aphids. You can try some simpler solutions. However, depending on the scope of your infestation, more powerful products may be necessary. 

Homemade solutions

  • Try blasting them with cold water. This helps separate aphids from the plant, making it difficult for them to find their way back. 
  • Mix water in a bucket with a few drops of dish soap. Wipe the leaves down with this mixture every few days for a couple of weeks. Or put it in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the leaves. 
  • Or spray a mixture of flour and water directly onto the leaves. This is best done in the morning and will help dry out the aphids. 

Alternative solutions

  • Try neem oil. This mixed with water can be a powerful opponent for aphids.
  • Release beetles into your garden. Beetles will feed on aphids. Each beetle can potentially destroy up to 5000 aphids


  • Insecticide soaps are a common, organic option. These are convenient because they come premixed. Spray them directly onto the plant. And you need to apply these less often than your homemade mixtures. 
  • Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, organic compound. Spray this on the soil of your affected plants and you will create a barrier against insects. Just make sure to not do this when the flower is in bloom or you can cause damage. 
  • Pyrethin Concentrate mixes easily with water and doesn’t leave any problematic residue. It is fast acting, and is effective at destroying aphids. As well, this can be applied less often than homemade remedies. 

Get ready to protect your geraniums from aphids

You put work into creating your beautiful geranium garden. And geraniums are easy to manage. Just make sure to enact aphids protection so your plants can thrive.

Insecticides are one of the simple and effective treatments for aphids.

Stockslaggers has a full assortment of insecticides. Come over today so we can help you find  simple and effective prevention against an aphids infestation.

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