Valentine's Day

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Valentine’s Day? Maybe love, cupid, and chocolate? But there is one other thing that’s on everyone’s mind for February 14th: the timeless gift of flowers. 

The question isn’t whether to get your loved one flowers. Instead, it’s what flowers should you get them? With so many choices to explore it can be hard to choose. 

But not to worry because we’ve got your complete guide of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day. You’ll see all of the must-haves for this upcoming romantic day.

Sweet Violet, Our Top Pick for Valentine’s Day

While roses are red, not all violets are blue. Our top choice for a vivacious Valentine’s Day flower is the sweet violet. Bonus: this hardy plant can bloom well in the winter months. 

First, sweet violets live up to the reputation of their name. They have a fragrant sweet scent that has been used as perfume throughout the ages. The aroma of the sweet violet is considered one of the prettiest and most enjoyable of all flower species. 

And there’s something else “sweet” about this violet. That’s the fact that it doesn’t need much sunshine to stay healthy. Go ahead and plant it in the shady side of your garden. Partial shade is perfect for this perennial to bloom.

Sweet violets come in colors like dark blue and purple and can quickly beautify your garden. Just plant them in well draining soil so they can thrive well past Valentine’s Day. 

Sure you could give a bouquet. But when you give something that you can plant, you give them something really special that lasts much longer.

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House Plants

While you’re looking for options that go beyond the bouquet, why not consider house plants? There are many beautiful plants to choose from. And having a plant living and growing inside their home is a constant reminder of your love. 

One plant that tops most people’s lists on beauty is an orchid. This plant represents beauty and love. And there are so many varieties that gifting one allows for a great deal of creative expression. 

Choose from white, purple, yellow, pink, and more. They are tall, short, long, or wide. Giving an orchid allows you to personalize your token of love and give the gift can bloom for many weeks to come. Plus, most orchids can rebloom every eight to twelve months!

But don’t stop at just orchids. There are so many romantic house plants. Here are some other great house plant ideas:

  1. Go green with succulents. These require easy care and are magnificent both inside and outside.
  2. Heart Ferns: The romance is in the name. This is perfect for the terrarium lover and has beautiful heart shaped leaves.
  3. Hoya Heart – This plant takes up just a small amount of space. The plant takes on the shape of a small heart that is a constant reminder of love. 
  4. Bird-of-Paradise – There’s nothing like the gift of beauty for Valentine’s Day. This plant is eye-catching and can be kept in a cool room in the winter. Plus, it only requires easy care!
  5. String of Hearts – This plant is so much fun. And the leaves literally look like a pretty string of hearts! 

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Roses, a Valentine’s Day Classic

Of course we couldn’t have a discussion about Valentine’s Day without talking about roses. This is considered the quintessential Valentine’s flower. They are the classic representation of cupid and love.

For centuries, roses have represented love, romance, and passion. So when you give your love roses for Valentine’s Day, you’ve given them a symbol of love that has stood the test of time. 

Additionally, roses aren’t just beautiful. They are fragrant flowers that have an enjoyable scent. They don’t call it “stopping to smell the roses” for nothing. They are a Valentine’s gift everyone can spend time enjoying. 

But don’t stop at the bouquet of red roses. Remember, you can plant roses in your garden. Even cut roses have the potential to grow roots. So don’t limit yourself to just a bouquet this season. Consider planting your love a rose garden.

Come to Stockslagers for all your Valentine’s Day flowers

Whether you go succulent, orchid, sweet violet or classic roses this Valentines Day, Stockslagers will have you prepared. Come by and see all the beautiful, fragrant, and romantic options for all the loves in your life.

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