Is your green thumb more like a brown or black thumb? That doesn’t mean that houseplants aren’t for you. It just means that you need to be a little choosier about which plants you decide to care for. Not everyone starts off with the same level of plant care experience. And some houseplants are easier to keep alive than others. Here are 10 plants that we bet you’ll have no trouble keeping alive in your home because they’re some of the hardest houseplants to kill.

What makes houseplants hard to kill? 

When you’re looking for an easy to care for plant, you want to look for a few key characteristics. These are the key to why they are difficult to kill.

  1. They thrive in low levels of light.
  2. They naturally thrive in standard home temperatures and humidity levels.
  3. They don’t need a special potting soil.
  4. They can withstand short periods of neglect, like if you forget to water them.

So these are the key characteristics. All of the following plants meet some aspect of this list.

Peace Lily

These are extremely popular houseplants for a reason. They are quite difficult to kill and look beautiful in almost any home. 

These can thrive in low light. And they can thrive even when under watered. These plants are very drought tolerant.

Just make sure not to overwater them which will cause problems. And keep them away from a drafty door. Otherwise, taking care of your peace lily should be quite manageable. 

Snake Plant

This plant is known for its beautiful long green leaves that may (or may not) have yellow outer stripes. It will be a beautiful addition to any home.

Additionally, this houseplant has low needs for two things that make plant care challenging. These are water and light. 

Let the soil dry out completely and then give it a good amount of water. Additionally, feel free to keep the Snake Plant in areas of low light. As long as you do these two, your Snake Plant should thrive. 

Wax Plant

Wax plants are beautiful houseplants due to the long trail of climbing vines. These are quintessential indoor plants and require very easy care. In fact, no previous care knowledge is needed.

These plants love indirect light and a situation that offers higher humidity. Remember, these are tropical plants. Just make sure to not place them in the direct light.

And they require very little water. Great for those who want to bring plants home and forget about them. 

Aloe Vera

Succulents are fabulous plants to own. You need to do very little watering due to their desert origin–perfect for those looking for the hardest houseplants to kill. 

The trick is to use well draining soil. The trick with succulents is to water them well and then let the solid drain. It’s important not to water them again until the soil dries completely. 

A bonus with Aloe Vera is the gel that grows in the leaves. Aloe vera is used for sunburns, skin abrasions, and for beauty care routines, among other things. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchids have the reputation of being temperamental plants. But that isn’t always the case. Take the Phalaenopsis Orchid. This houseplant can bloom for months with basic care. 

Ideally keep it in indirect sunlight. However, in winter you can likely put it in the direct light. Additionally, keep it in warmer temperatures so it isn’t near a draft. 

Water it about once a week. Just make sure that the soil completely dries between watering. If the exposed roots turn silvery white, it’s also time to water. These plants can add beauty to your home for months!

Rubber Tree Plant

While this plant is important to keep away from small children and pets (it is toxic if eaten), it’s a beautiful houseplant that is hard to kill. It can grow up to 50 feet and help beautify your home while requiring easy care. 

Hint: don’t water this one too much. Depending on conditions, you can wait one to two full weeks between watering. Just make sure you plant it in well draining soil and keep the soil moist.

The Rubber Tree needs six to eight hours daily of sunlight. However, keep it out of direct exposure with the sun. Indirect light is best. 

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palms are another plant that will bring a tropical element to your home and is one of the hardest houseplants to kill. These can be large, sprawling plants that can be eye-catching. Additionally, their stems (as in the name) are reminiscent of bamboo.

They thrive in partial shade. And they do best in well draining soil. Just make sure that you water often enough to keep the soil moist. And due to their tropical nature, make sure to keep in warmer temperatures. 

Important tip to remember: make sure not to put it in direct sunlight. If you do, you’ll notice the leaves will start to scorch. 


Cacti are notoriously easy care plants. Their desert origins makes them perfect for those who want a plant that requires little care or attention. 

Just make sure to place your cactus where it has plenty of access to bright light. Keep room temperatures stay on the warmer side. Finally, they do require watering about twice a month. 

This houseplant comes in so many sizes, colors, and varieties. Pick one that is short, tall, wide, skinny, or whatever best suits your room. 

Yucca Plant

Yuccas are visually quite interesting. They add a unique and exotic touch to any room. Just make sure to keep them away from both dogs and cats, as they can be toxic to both.

This houseplant is quite drought tolerant. It requires very little water. This is especially true in the winter months. 

Just make sure to place them in a place where it will get lots of indirect sunlight. That way, your Yucca Plant can thrive for years to come.

Chinese Evergreen

This is one of the most popular houseplants due to its easy care and visually stunning nature. Plus, it has beautiful green and silver leaves which add flair to any room.

This plant is so hard to kill. It does well in poor light, dry conditions, and with little watering. This makes it perfect for a novice houseplant owner. 

Just make sure to plant it in well draining soil. And let the soil dry completely between watering. Other than that, the plant care for this one is about as easy as it gets!

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