leafy greens

Leafy greens and other lettuces are some of the easiest and healthiest plants to grow. They make an excellent starter plant to any kitchen garden, and growing them in containers means you can plant them just anywhere! From a large outdoor garden space to even an apartment balcony.

Here’s an added bonus. Growing plants in containers is easy. Perfect for the novice planter.

These are some of the reasons you should grow plants in containers:

  • You get quick germination for a fast reward for your efforts.
  • It’s easy to move plants to the perfect spot for them to thrive.
  • You get easy control over things like the soil, and its nutrients.
  • Cool season plants can be harvested in the spring.

Let’s talk about the perfect pot for leafy greens

When you’re talking about container plants, you have to start with the pot. 

You can find all different types of plants. There may be a large pot in the corner or a small pot on your windowsill. A great thing about movable planters is you can customize them based on your needs. 

Here are some of your container options:

Terracotta – These pots are perfect for indoors or outdoors. They allow for more air to move through the soil, and they’re perfect for plants that prefer drier soil.

Plastic – These pots are lightweight making them easy to move. And they come in so many colors and designs. Plus they are easy to maintain, making them a favorite to many gardeners. 

Fabric – Able to withstand the elements, fabric pots are a great choice for a pot that will last. They offer superior aeration and great drainage, helping make container leafy green care easy. 

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Benefits of growing leafy greens

Growing leafy greens is a great introduction to growing your own food. You can start with a small pot by your window and grow into bigger products. 

And with movable planters,  it doesn’t matter whether you live in a city or the country. You can plant your garden on a rooftop, balcony, in your kitchen, or outdoors. This is for anyone. 

This makes growing your own vegetables accessible to everyone. It is so easy. And no matter what your situation, you can have a little garden that is all your own. 

But what are the best leafy greens for container gardening?


This is a great plant because it doesn’t need much sun. Feel free to move it to a shady area. 

Plus it’s fast growing. You can reap the rewards of your work quickly. 

Consider growing lettuce in the spring. That’s when this crop does best. 


This is the plant you want for a small space. Arugula can fit in small containers. 

And arugula can be decorative. This leafy green is a particularly attractive plant. 

You’ll want to keep it in partial sun! About six hours a day of direct sun is best. 


Spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus you can eat it hot or cold. You get nutrition and convenience.

This plant is another that loves partial sun. And a planter makes it easy to move as needed.

Plus, the varieties all look different. Choose from crinkly leaves, dark green, thick leaves, and more. 

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard doesn’t grow deep roots. For that reason, you don’t need an overly deep container.

Some varieties are compact growers, making them perfect house plants. Barese and bright lights are a couple such varieties.

Here’s the great news. Swiss chard will provide multiple cuts of leaves through its growing season!


Who doesn’t love this nutritional powerhouse? This winter loving plant will help your family get big and strong. 

Make sure to have the container in a place of good light. Kale needs 6 to 8 hours daily.

And be sure to plant it in well draining soil and water regularly. Now you can have kale throughout much of the year. 

Turnip Greens

If you’re not familiar, this is the leafy top of turnip roots. Known for their buttery roots, this plant is a must-have. 

The trick is to choose a variety that is specifically bred for its leaves. And while not the most voluminous plant, if you pick the leaves sparingly, your plant can keep producing more.  

These love dry conditions with constant moisture. And they’re a great plant to have. 

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Come get your pots and leafy green seeds

Stockslagers has everything you need to start growing your leafy greens in movable planters. See our full variety of pots from terracotta to plastic to fabric. And pick your favorite leafy greens to start your own edible garden. 

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