Add Some Drama to your Garden with Hanging Baskets

We run from drama in our personal lives, but we love it in our gardens. The best way to add that drama is to incorporate hanging baskets into your garden. Hanging baskets allow for an unusual and creative approach to gardening by providing height and complementary color combinations.

Stop in to Stockslagers garden center where we have pre-arranged many different basket combinations for you. Click here for a list of plants included in Stockslager’s gorgeous, custom baskets. Feeling creative? You can also create your own stunning baskets with the help of our specialists. Here are some tips to consider when using hanging baskets in your garden:

  • Be sure to choose the right size basket for your plants. Try not to cram too many plants into a planter that is on the small side. The bigger the basket the better.
  • Choose plants with different textures and colors for the most dramatic effect. Our garden center specialists can help you design your baskets for maximum “wow” factor.
  • Water, feed, and prune the dead flowers regularly. Because the container is exposed to more air, the water in a hanging basket evaporates more quickly, so it needs a bit more attention than other container plants.
  • As you may know, a wet hanging basket weighs more than a dry basket, so be sure to hang your basket from a sturdy, secure support. It’s also a good idea to ensure your basket hook rotates 360 degrees so it doesn’t fall victim to wind storms.

Come in today to add some drama to your gardening life!

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