Big Ideas for Big Containers

Containerscaping has become one of the hottest trends in the floral world over the last couple of years.  We put our own twist on this exciting trend with Stockslager’s Containerscapes.

You’ll see our Containerscapes in many local communities as well as the local Metro Parks and the Greene shopping complex.  These large, lush flowering pots thrive throughout the summer months.  Our customers, retailers, landscapers and municipalities are thrilled with both the color and the quality of these products.  

But these Containerscapes aren’t just for our largest customers.  They  are quite pleasing in residential gardens, on patios and near walkways.  With nearly 7 acres of greenhouses, Stockslagers Garden Center has endless varieties and combinations that can be arranged to provide splashes of color, fanciful foliage or varying grasses.  Swirling vines mixed with tall accents are also quite popular now. 

How you plant the containers is really up to your individual tastes.  However, you should, be careful about your plant selections to ensure the container is esthetically pleasing.  Aim for your container to look both interesting and balanced.  The old planting design concept of “thriller, filler and spiller,” works for these containers to create a unified look. 

Whether you’re looking for a smaller cottage garden, a tropical movement in the sun or something made for the shade, our “Containerscape Pros” can help you find exactly what will work at your house.

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