Good-Bye Summer! Dismantling your Summer Garden and Preparing it for Winter

As the air gets chillier and fall approaches, it is important to take the necessary steps to prepare your garden for the changing seasons ahead.  Some time spent now will pay off with a healthier, happier summer garden in 2015.

First, it is important to clean up some of the dead foliage.  As tomato plants and other vegetables die off, it’s critical to clear them out of your garden so disease doesn’t overwinter in your soil.  Be careful not to compost any diseased or pest-infested plants.  You don’t want to introduce those negatives into your compost pile!

Speaking of compost, now is a great time to add compost to the base of your trees and shrubs to give them an added boost for the fall.  And although it may seem like you just laid all of that mulch, now is the perfect time to fluff the mulch so it is ready to absorb all of winter’s moisture.

Second, just because summer is over doesn’t mean your vegetable efforts have to end!  Your cool season vegetable crops can be planted now.  Try some cold weather fans such as cauliflower, beets, and turnips. 

Third, resist the urge to “clean up” your trees and bushes before winter.  Our experts at Stockslagers  do not recommend that you prune your trees and bushes now as they will need all their strength to fight the harsh winter weather.

Finally, make sure you bring your  pots indoors.  In addition, if you have tropical plants and herbs, place them in your house in an area where they can receive the best sunlight.

Please stop into Stockslagers to receive all our advice on preparing your garden for winter.  

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