Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This year at Stockslagers we put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide – because from day one, our moms help us flower and bloom.

Our moms taught us how to garden. They’re the first ones to put a shovel in our hands, to show us a fuzzy caterpillar on a leaf, and to show us how amazing a tomato tastes straight from the garden. Can we even thank Mom enough? This year at Stockslagers we put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide – because from day one, our moms help us flower and bloom.


1. These Adorable Succulent Pots

These fresh and contemporary succulent pots are a perfect addition to Mom’s kitchen sink window.  Each pot says “Happy”, “Hope”, or “Love” and contain a healthy succulent. At only $9.99, this is the perfect gift for mom.




2. Nothin’ as sweet as a strawberry pot!

Remember going strawberry picking with mom? She’ll love this summertime reminder of good times in the country. These strawberry pots are only $21.99, and she’ll love having fresh strawberries straight from her garden. It’s a sweet gift idea, and she’ll be pleasantly surprised at this sweet berry treat!



3. A potted herb garden

These happy little herb gardens are a perfect way for Mom to grow parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (and any other herb that isn’t mentioned in a Simon and Garfunkel song.) She’ll be happy to pluck an herb straight from her garden and make the best soup ever. And you can bet who’s coming to dinner!




4. A hummingbird feeder

We got the sweet stuff for the hummingbirds. Hummingbirds will stop on by to say hello even if Mom is drinking coffee right there on the front porch. It’s a great way for mom to make some hummingbird friends and maximize porch time.



5. Wind Chimes

Who doesn’t love the soft sound of a wind chime on a breezy day? We carry the highest-quality Arias Elite wind chimes, so your mom can have beautiful chimes for years to come.




6. A sun hat

Mom will have lots of fun adventures in her new sun hat, and you can choose the style that fits your mom the best. From outdoor market sophistication to sunshiny weekends on the water, we have the hat that will make your mom the happiest.



7. A miniature garden

A fairy garden – or miniature garden – is perfect for a tabletop fantasy world. She’ll think it’s the most fun thing ever. This is also the perfect gift, because you can buy accessories for the fairy garden, like tiny gnomes, tiny fairies, or miniature animals!



8. Mom’s Favorite: a candle!

All moms love candles. It’s a fact. These candles from Swan Creek Candle Company come in delicious scents, from Heavenly Red Velvet Cake to Maple Caramel Swirl, to Pumpkin Vanilla. They’ll put your mom in cookie-baking mode!



9. Gallon Clematis Flowers on a Trellis

Clematis is the queen of climbers that blooms into an exotic, purple flower. It’s the gardener’s pleasure. These easy growers are a sight to behold and add a splash of color. Only $19.99!



So this Mother’s Day, tell Mom how much you love her with a gift that says you care. Better yet, bring her out to Stockslagers for some quality time among the fragrant flowers and sunshine. Mom will appreciate all the hugs and love.


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