Raising the Next Generation of Gardeners

We want you to encourage your kids to play in the dirt!  That’s right.  Let them hang out in the dirt.  Inspire them to gently feel the worms and squash the dirt in their hands.  Raising the next generation of gardeners is important to society.

The two obvious places to engage children in the gardening experience are at home or at school.  Gardens at schools can be fun laboratories where kids can learn science, health and other subjects from real life tending of the plants.  Gardens at home can serve as a tangible farm-to-table experience, where kids can nurture, harvest, prepare and eat the food they grow.

We recommend planting sunflower seeds with your children.  They grow very tall and are super vibrant.  (They also provide great photo ops when they are full grown!)

Below are some tips to engage a new generation:

You don’t need to have vast amounts of space to raise a gardener.  It can be done in pots or window sill planters if you are short on square footage.

Let your children choose one or two vegetables to grow.  If you have the space, watermelons are fun. 

Check out the awesome resources at

Call your local garden center, like Stockslagers to find out what programs they offer for kids.

At Stockslagers we seek ways to involve youngsters in the garden.  Take for instance, our new line called Fairy Gardening.  These miniature structures are offered with living plants, designed to lure fairies and their “magical” good luck to your home.  These tiny gardens are perfect for a young gardener to have a first experience taking care of their own project.  We also offer our “Flower Fairy Birthday Tea Party.”  It’s a unique way to celebrate someone’s birthday (ages 4 to 11).  Many say it’s the most magical thing they ever experience!  Cupcakes, flowers, crowns and butterflies are all part of the fun!

Find out more information about this program and also how to get your kids involved in spring and summer gardening by contacting our garden center.

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