The Heat is On

Problems in the vegetable and flower garden can occur during summer’s hot weather.  Not the least of which is blossom drop.  It’s quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking events that can occur to the home gardener.  The heat can cause stress to plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash. When the temperatures reach 90, plants will drop their blossoms and will not produce fruit.  In addition, crops such as lettuce will bolt, meaning they will go to seed in hot weather.  When plants bolt they become bitter and tough.

Stockslagers is well stocked with beautiful, heat-tolerant plants such as tropical plants and others bred to withstand high temperatures.  Marigolds and Zinnias can be planted to liven up your garden.  They thrive in August and September.

TIP: Help your plants deal with the heat! Block the sunlight from heating the soil by mulching around your plants at least two inches deep.

Lots of rain in the Midwest means lots of mosquitos, especially if the weather is hot and humid. This makes working in the garden miserable at times.  In addition, the heat can promote numerous disease and pest problems.  Keep your eye out for any signs of trouble such as aphids, white flies and brown spots on leaves.

Be sure to water your hanging baskets and container gardens regularly. Make sure, though, that you are actually checking both to see if they need the water.  For instance, New Guinea Impatiens wilt in the heat and may not actually need water.

TIP: Raising the blade on your mower and cutting the grass at a higher level will help your lawn maintain moisture, preventing it from drying out.

If you are watering frequently, you may feed your plants during the high heat, but in general, avoid fertilizing your plants at this time.  Heat and fertilizer together can easily burn the roots of your plants and grass.

As always, be sure to stop in or call our garden specialists to ask about the challenges hot weather can bring to your gardens.

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