Tips to Get the Most from Your Grafted Plants

Wouldn’t it be great if gardeners could combine the best qualities of two plants to make one plant?

Well, they can and do and so can you, even without a degree in genetic agriculture. The process is called grafting and at Stockslagers Garden Center we are believers in the grafted plant. Grafting means taking the root stock from one plant and attaching the top part of another plant. The root stock of a plant is used when the plant is proven to be disease and pest-resistant. The top part of the plant is used when it has exceptional yields. Thus the benefits of grafted plants are increased harvest, resistance to soil borne diseases and nematodes, and better tolerance for extreme temperatures. It is important to note that these plants are not genetically modified. Grafted plants are perfect for organic gardeners because they don’t have to worry about using chemicals to fight disease.

The grafting movement is going on in universities across America. Experts say the grafted plants are fool- proof and provide an easy alternative to those who struggle to grow vegetables, especially tomatoes. At Stockslagers we carry six varieties of the Mighty Mato, which is a grafted tomato plant we have found to be stronger and more vigorous than others.

Our Mighty Mato varieties include:


Early Girl



Mortgage Lifter

Yellow Mortgage Lifter


There are some tips you need to keep in mind when planting grafted plants. NEVER plant the graft line below the soil. The part of the plant above the graft line is not equipped to deal with soil-borne diseases and nematodes.

In dry areas where the plant begins to wilt every day, you may need to water the plant every day. In more humid areas it could be as long as two weeks between waterings. It simply depends on where you are located and the weather conditions. In this case, it is okay to be a control freak—go ahead and monitor your plants! SECRET TIP: Water at the base of the plant and give it a great big soaking.

Stop in and see all of the grafted plants we have at Stockslagers.

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