What Can I Plant in Sunny Areas?

Wow, it was a long, cold winter. Finally, the sun is shining and we are enjoying some warm weather. Now that we have sunny days, we need to think about what plants to place in our gardens. Today we are going to focus on the sunny areas of our gardens. We’ll discuss shade-loving plants another time.

If you have areas of full sun (at least 6 hours each day), consider plants that can tolerate the heat and drought. If you have shady areas, areas of partial shade with some direct sun, or even sun rays making it through the leaves of your trees, that does not mean you have full sun. Full sun means just that, full sun, not just light. To hang out in the full sun your plants will of course need regular watering.

SECRET TIP: Be sure to mulch around your full sun plans so they can conserve water, especially if they are in pots.

Of course you could try a couple of rose bushes to bring the color, or even start a few sunflower seeds in the spring for a bright accent. But there are other plants you can use. Below is a list of perennials that need full sun:

  • artemisia
  • dianthus
  • hens and chicks
  • hibiscus
  • lamb’s ear
  • lavender
  • miniature roses
  • shasta daisy

Here is a list of full sun annuals:

  • ageratum
  • coleus
  • geranium
  • marigold
  • moss rose
  • petunia
  • salvia
  • sunflower
  • zinnia

Of course, don’t forget about your sun-loving garden vegetable plants, such as tomatoes, peppers, corn, and eggplant (to name only a few). Be sure to stop by Stockslagers Garden Center and request help with picking out all your full-sun plants for the summer season.

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