You Say Tomato … And So Do We!

Books have been written about them.  Artists have replicated them.  Poets have been inspired by them.  They are incomparable to anything else in the home garden.  They are tomatoes.

While you may go the simple route and buy whatever the nearest store offers in way of tomato seedlings, a better option is stopping in to Stockslagers to check out the large variety of tomatoes that we carry.

Below are a few of our favorite varieties:

Black Prince – This Siberian tomato has an intense “true” tomato taste – rich and juicy.  Chefs around the world scramble to get their hands on this one.  You can expect dark red fruits.  Plant these and in only 70 days you will be the envy of all the home chefs in your neighborhood.

Black Krim – This is another Russian (Crimea = Krim) variety that produces a dark red, almost purple, fruit with dark green shoulders.  If you like a fine smoky red wine, you’ll love this tomato’s smoky and sweet finish. The plant is easy to grow and the fruit is beautiful.

Mamma Mia – Known for its exceptional all-around growing performance the Mamma Mia is a robust-tasting paste tomato.  Its pear shaped 3’’ fruits are best used by drying them or used fresh in marinara sauce.

Celebrity – If you want an all-American tomato that is super-resistant to disease, then the Celebrity is a hybrid tomato that won’t let you down.  It’s an excellent producer, can be grown in most climates, and is dutifully consistent.  It’s an all-around tomato you can use on a sandwich, in cooking, or as the base for an amazing  fresh salsa.

Don’t let the large variety of tomatoes scare you off!  Stop in and consult with our tomato plant specialists.  They will make sure you have the perfect variety for slicing, salsa or sauce.

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