Brighten Up the Winter With a Potted Bulb Garden

If you’re looking for the perfect autumn craft, a potted bulb garden is sure to bring you joy for months to come. In fact, that’s the point. Autumn is the perfect time to plant flowering bulbs. You’ll be able to enjoy their springtime splendor while the outside world is still covered in snow.

Here’s how to make your own potted bulb garden:

  1. Pick up some pretty flower pots of various colors that make you feel happy! Here at Stockslagers, we have an assortment of colorful flower pots that are sure to brighten any room of the house.
  2. Grab some potting mix.
  3. Put the potting mix in the bottom of the pretty flower pot. Place the bulb in the flower pot and cover with potting mix. (Remember: only put a little bit of potting mix over the bulbs – just enough to hide them.) When the bulbs start blooming, bring them inside to brighten up your home.

Some considerations for planting bulbs in pots

Bulbs grown in pots are typically sewn much closer together and not as deep as bulbs in the ground. Plant bulbs so they’re close but not touching, and make sure they’re just below the surface of the soil. Leave as much room as possible under the bulb for root growth.

Keep in mind that hardy bulbs require a rooting period in the cold darkness. Store them in the garden shed where they’ll stay cold – but not too cold (35 – 45°F) – and then bring them inside in late January or early February.

Display your beautiful potted bulb garden in a cool yet sunny window and enjoy!

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