Ways to Decorate with Poinsettias This Christmas

Looking to shake things up this Christmas? The poinsettia is the perfect holiday gem to put some spark into your holiday décor this year. These bright, festive plants are versatile and can be used for a variety of décor purposes, from the kitchen table to the mantle, to the staircase, and even to put on the Christmas tree!

Here are some unique ideas for your poinsettia decorations this year. If any of these strike your fancy, swing by Stockslagers to pick up your own healthy and hardy poinsettia plants!


  1. The classic cranberry or apple bouquet

Place your poinsettia – pot and all – into a decorative ceramic, glass, or wood container and layer either small apples or cranberries over the soil. On the mantle or the kitchen table, this is sure to win originality points with your friends and family.


  1. Place the bright poinsettia leaves on a holiday wreath

Is there anything that “pops” this time of year more than the cheerful poinsettia leaves? You can purchase a wire or bramble wood wreath frame from your local craft store, twine a pine garland around the wreath, and then fasten poinsettia leaves onto the wreath for a cheery front door display.

  1. Put them on the Christmas tree

Is there anything you won’t put on a Christmas tree? From candy canes to pickles, a Christmas tree is typically a very festive place. But how many of us have considered putting poinsettias on our Christmas trees? They add a classic look, and from afar, they look like happy red ribbons.

  1. Use them as simple place settings.

Are you all gathering around the dining room table this year, and you’re wondering what to use as a simple place setting? Poinsettias can be used as a simple yet pleasant place setting. Simply place the flower on the top of someone’s plate or napkin for a Christmassy flare. Or even place the full poinsettia pots on the center of the table for a beautiful centerpiece. At Stockslagers, we sell small poinsettia pots, perfect for the kitchen table.

  1. A bow for presents

Have you ever thought about using a real plant for a bow on the top of presents? This is a beautiful gesture, and it strikes gift receivers as being a thoughtful and genuine way to give a gift. This is a smart idea too, considering that Americans throw away about 60 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and the New Year, so adding a flower to the top of a present instead of a bow is both thoughtful and environmentally friendly.

  1. Line them up the staircase

Brighten up your staircase with a beautiful array of colorful poinsettias this holiday season. This is an especially lovely idea for Holiday parties! Lining poinsettias on the staircase is a time-honored tradition from Graceland to the Newport Mansions.


The Poinsettia Destination of Dayton Ohio


Stockslagers is the largest grower of Poinsettias in Dayton, and every year we focus on bringing you the healthiest, brightest, and most hardy poinsettias to last you through the holidays and all year round.

We have special group pricing on poinsettias, so if you’re a church, school, or another organization, call us at (937) 687-2722 or send us an email at so we can get you the best pricing on these Christmastime beauties.

When you’re ready to kick off the holidays, stop on by with your family on December 1st for our Christmas Open House and our 9th Annual Holiday Market with Noble Circle. Come get a jump start on your holiday shopping while supporting breast cancer survivors of Dayton! We’ll have trains, music, family photo-op areas with Santa, holiday decorations, and locally-cut Christmas trees. And of course, we’ll have our colorful poinsettias!



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