Stuff Your Stockings with Stockslagers This Christmas!

Anyone who has visited Stockslagers knows about our gift shop! We carry so many items around the holidays that are the perfect stocking-size, so we figured we would put together a “stocking stuffer guide”to make Christmas shopping not only easier, but way more fun and creative!

Finding the perfect stocking stuffers can be tricky. Here’s a list of just some of our favorite stocking-sized presents so you don’t have to do the last-minute-scramble-dance this Christmas.

For the Miniature Garden Enthusiast

We have the cutest little critters to add to your miniature garden that will love to live among the plants and mini houses! Stop on by to see the whole forest creature gang, including little pigs, fairies, cows, and more!

For The Scented Candle Lover

Winter is the perfect time of year to light some scented candles, especially if those candles smell like sugar cookies, blueberries, and warm roasted coffee! For the candle lover who lights up your life, we have scented candles by Swan Creek Candle Company and Keepers of the Light.

For the Gal Who Loves Whimsical Wall Art

These butterfly and floral wall hangings are the perfect gift for a little girl who loves having the grooviest bedroom around! These ceramic wall hangings are glow in the dark, making them extra special. Each comes with a hole in the back for easy wall hanging.

For the Coffee or Tea Addict

Grow your own indulgent brews right at home. This “Grow YourOwn” Coffee or tea plant is perfect for the tea or coffee drinker who loves watching plants grow. This is the perfect gift for anyone you know who works in a cubicle or in an office and needs a little more plants in their life.

For the Friend Who Always Gets Bit By Mosquitos.  

These colorful little buckets are full of citronella candles that keep mosquitos away during the warmer months. Get thinking about warmer weather with our array of colorful patio décor to cheer up your outdoor space this summer!  Toss them in your camping bag or arrange them on your patio furniture for a good mosquito-free time in the great outdoors. 

For the Gardener Who Plants from Seed

Come February, many seasoned gardeners will begin sowing seeds indoors, the start of a beautiful growing season! Help get them started by giving them a starter pack of the highest-quality seeds. We have seed packets of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. 

For the Creative Landscaper

These adorable lawn ornaments are designed to wave in the breeze on a warm sunny day. Stick them in a stocking so they’re poking out, piquing curiosity as to what other creative goodies could be inside!

This year, make your stockings the most creative ones yet. Everyone is expecting candy and chap stick in their stockings, but no one expects to get a wealth of creative garden gifts! These stocking stuffers are sure to get people thinking about warmer weather and to lift spirits on some of the coldest days of the year.

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