Six Unique Poinsettia Varieties to Spice Up Your Holiday Décor

When most people think of poinsettias, they think of the blazing red plants that welcome the holiday season. When you come into Stockslagers, you’ll notice a wide array of poinsettias of different colors, shapes, and sizes. While we all love the classic red poinsettia, there are so many varieties to catch the eye!  

How creative can you get with your poinsettia combinations?During this gray and dreary time of year, it’s a great idea to stock up on the most colorful combinations of pink, white, yellow, and red. Here are some of our favorite varieties.

The poinsettia that looks like autumn leaves

Is it just us, or is the Autumn Leaves Poinsettia just the most perfect shade of peach? This is a great reminder that the Christmas season can expand beyond the typical reds and greens. Introduce some yellows, pinks, and creams into the mix to achieve a colorful and unexpected flare.

The Daintiest Poinsettia

The Princettia poinsettia is perhaps the daintiest of all poinsettias, with smaller bracks (white leaves), and with a crisper, more intense color white.

The poinsettia that’s playfully pink

The Majestic Pink Poinsettia is perfect if you love celebrating the holidays with a little more color! This bright pink is sure to get you in “rockin’ around the Christmas tree” and experimenting with bold color.

The poinsettia that looks like tie-dye

This poinsettia is called Mars Marble, and it looks like someone tie-dyed the leaves! These soft hues make the poinsettia look more flowery and delicate. It’s perfect for those who appreciate gentle and old-fashioned beauty.

The poinsettia that looks like a classic rose

This is called the winter rose poinsettia, and many believe this to be the most beautiful variety. It is perhaps the least poinsettia-like of all poinsettias because it lacks the iconic pointy leaves.  Instead, these rounded leaves make it look more like a rose, hence the “winter rose” namesake.

The poinsettia that looks like a starry sky

This beautiful poinsettia is called “Jingle Bell Rock”, and for good reason! The festive leaves are speckled bright red and white, making it look as festive as confetti.  

This Christmas when you come into Stockslagers to get your yearly poinsettias, think of all the colorful, creative options! If your home needs a little more Christmas spirit, than swing by for our Hearthside CheerPoinsettia Bundle! You get six poinsettias for only $35, saving you $18.94. This bundle includes four 6-inch poinsettias and two 4-inch poinsettias. Come on by before they’re all gone! This sale lasts all season long.

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