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Planting and Growing Roses in Ohio (Zone 6)

Ah, roses! They’re fragrant, classic, elegant, and downright lovely. Whether planted by a stone mansion or in pots by a cottage, they’re a beautiful way to celebrate the coming of summer.

Roses typically pop their pretty heads out in early summer and autumn, so they often serve as a “hello” and “goodbye” for the warm months.

Roses also make wonderful cut flowers for bouquets and flower vases. Dress up your kitchen table with a bundle of fresh roses, or simply leave them on the vine so they can continue to bring you the iconic fragrance of roses.

Where Should I Plant My Rose Bush?

Roses not only love the sun – they need the sun! Opt for a location on your property that gets at least 6 hours of full sun a day. Morning sun is always advantageous to plants, so whatever moisture they accumulated overnight can dry in the hot daytime sun, preventing root rot and disease.

That said, roses also do not like wet feet. Provide them a place that gets excellent drainage, with rich, loose soil.

Roses prefer a soil pH range of 5.5-7.0, which is around the same pH you need to keep your vegetable garden for happy, healthy plants. Not sure where the pH of your garden soil stands? Stop on by to Stockslagers for some of our soil testing kits!

When to Plant Roses in Ohio

Plant roses from early spring throughout the summer and fall, after the risk of hard frost has passed. If you’re planting in the summer, be sure to continue watering them and protecting them from summer’s heat. Roses can also be planted in Autumn, even into late fall, when all the leaves have fallen from the trees. This gives the roses time to establish roots before winter.

Depth and Spacing for Planting Rose Bushes

Like most of us, roses don’t love being crowded. Provide enough space when planting a rose bush – it’s going to need the room to grow and the space to breathe. How do you know for sure? Calculate the expected height of the full-grown rose bush and use that number as a measuring stick to space your rose bushes.

As for depth, grab your shovel and dig a hole much deeper than you think you’ll need (at least 15 to 18 inches wide). Grab some compost or aged manure and mix it in with the rose bush. Soak with water, and viola! You have just planted your brand-new rose bush.

Many roses are “Own Root Roses”, which means they are grown from cuttings and have their own root systems. Own Root Roses have no graft, and can be planted as deep into the ground as their first branches. If your rose bush has a graft, plant your rose bush up to the graft or up to the first buds.

Some of our Favorite Rose Varieties

Stockslagers carries multiple rose varieties, and here are just a couple of our favorites. Looking for something specific? Give us a call at (937) 687-2722 before making the trip to ensure that we have what you need.

The Marilyn Monroe


The Marilyn Monroe Rose Variety is a Hybrid Tea Rose, and is just as beautiful and glamorous as its namesake. Known for their long stems and large, waxy petals that are soft apricot in color, the Marilyn Monroe blooms are bound to steal hearts.

Easy to Please


These bright magenta blooms are disease resistant and aren’t too fussy – growing well in a variety of climates and conditions.

Fourth of July


These climbers can rise to 12 feet tall, and are both fragrant and beautiful. They do well climbing trellises, fences, and walls, and are sure to make your landscaping pop.

Double Knock Out Roses


Our premium rose, the Knock Outs steal the show with their classic beauty and fragrance.

High-Quality Roses at Stockslagers Greenhouse and Garden Center Near Dayton Ohio

For a dramatic statement for your landscaping and garden, stop by Stockslagers in the Miami Valley to choose the healthiest rose bushes of all varieties. We are proud to carry Weeks Roses, which are #1 grade, high quality roses.

Looking for something specific? Before making the trip, give us a call at (937) 687-2722 to ensure that we have what you’re looking for. Our availability might be limited as plants fly off the shelves!

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