4 Winter Gardening Tasks To Set You Up For Spring Success

Written by Paige Vandiver

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t use your green thumb! Winter is the perfect time to catch up on all of those garden tasks that you were too busy to get to in the months when your garden was thriving. It’s also a perfect time to get ready for spring and make plans for your dream garden. 

Give Your Tools Some Love

The slow season is a perfect time to pay attention to the tools that make your gardening a breeze in the spring. 

  • Service your lawn mower – clean your mower, change the oil, sharpen and balance the blades and check the spark plugs and air filter.
  • Clean and sharpen your pruning shears, spades, and forks. Oil them to avoid rusting.

Take A Seed Inventory

Unless you are super diligent, your seed packets can get thrown into your shed or garage in disarray during all the hullabaloo of putting things away for winter hibernation. Before you begin outlining your next garden blueprint, take an inventory of what you have leftover in your stash from last year. You’ll save yourself some time and money by getting a head start.

  • Discard the seed packets that are severely out of date or those that didn’t do well last season.
  • Organize all your seeds by type (vegetable, flower, etc) so that you can easily find what you are looking for when planning for spring. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can alphabetize them and assemble a 3-ring binder (using plastic sleeves to house your packets) or use a recipe box for storage.

Tidy Up and Repair

While you are busy tending to your growing garden, general cleaning, maintenance, and repair often gets put to the wayside. Use the wintertime to take a closer look at your landscape and structures to see what needs some attention .

  • Check out the timbers of your raised beds and the pavers around your flower beds to ensure they are in good shape.
  • If you have a shed or garage where you store your supplies, check for leaks, add that new shelf you have been meaning to put in to organize your supplies, and give the floor a good sweeping.
  • Clean out and organize all of your pots and discard any that are too damaged to use.

Plan Your Next Dream Garden

Now comes the fun part! You’ve taken inventory of everything you have left from last season and you are ready to get a jump start on spring! 

  • Sketch out your garden beds. You’ve got time to be creative and really consider how you want to organize your plants.
  • It’s time for mail order seed catalogs. Feel like a kid again as you peruse all the seeds that turn into beautiful vegetables or flowers. You can also use the catalog pictures as inspiration when sketching all your plans.
  • Is there a new feature you want to add to your garden? Now’s the time. Help your feathered friends through the winter months by adding bird feeders, start composting, or build some raised garden beds. You don’t have to wait to start on these projects and they will get you motivated to keep planning!

All these projects should make the winter fly by!  Make a visit to Stockslagers to keep your winter blues at bay and stock up on creative ideas and inspiration for the upcoming season! 

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