If You Hurry You Can Plant Spinach Outside! Here’s What You Need to Know.

Spinach is a lovely vegetable that’s jam packed with nutrients such as Vitamin A and iron, and it’s super easy to grow in your home garden with just a little bit of know-how. Spinach is a cool-weather plant, and although it’s a little too late this season to start the spinach from seed, you can still purchase the transplants from our selection here at Stockslagers!

When To Plant Spinach Babies

Early spring and autumn are the best times to plant spinach, as it grows best at a temperature of around 50-75 degrees. If you are starting from seed, you’ll want to begin about 5 weeks before the last frost in the spring to ensure you get the biggest harvest. If you’re purchasing transplants, you can begin planting now – right after the last frost, but before it gets too hot. It’s also a great plant to start from seed near the fall when the temperature begins dropping. 

Where to Plant Spinach in Ohio

Spinach works best planted in gardens with only partial sun, where it will stay cooler. If you are planting in containers, move them into a shadier spot when it begins to get really warm outside.

How To Plant Spinach in Zone 6

Rich soil that drains well is best for your spinach. You’ll want to mix compost in your soil before planting, or purchase soil that contains lots of organic matter. The optimal pH is between 6.5 – 7.5. When planting in rows, you’ll want to leave 3-12 inches between plants. If you’re starting with seed, place the seeds ¼-½  inch deep in the soil. You can plant additional seeds in succession every 2-3 weeks as you harvest your spinach.

How To Care For Your Spinach Plants

Follow these tips to keep your spinach happy and healthy:

  • When watering your spinach, you’ll want to keep it moist – but make sure it’s not soggy. 
  • Spinach is a heavy feeder, so consider fertilizer or compost during mid-season to keep your spinach leaves growing to a good size.
  • Keep your garden free of weeds so that your spinach plants don’t need to compete for water and nutrients.
  • Aphids are common pests for spinach. If you see these little critters, give the leaves a good spray with the garden hose.

When To Harvest Spinach

Once you see groups of 5-8 healthy leaves, it’s time to harvest! Some spinach-lovers prefer the baby leaves, so you can make the decision on what size suits your taste buds the best. Make sure to rinse your leaves really well before adding them to your favorite salad recipe. 

Hot weather with really long days will cause bolting, which means the spinach will grow long stems and flower. At the first sign of bolting, go ahead and harvest the leaves. Cut just under the soil and across the main stem. 

Spinach is not only tasty, but it’s a great way to get some green in your garden. Check out the spinach seedlings at Stockslagers now, while the weather is still cool enough to grow this delicious and nutritious treat for your family! 

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