growing onions and garlic

The Delicious Benefits of Growing Onion & Garlic this Fall

growing onions and garlic

It’s that time again. The nights are getting cooler. There’s a fall feel in the air here in the Miami Valley. And now is the perfect time to get ready to plant your autumn garden.

You want to plant things when the timing is just right. So now that the hot days of summer are over, you might wonder what is the perfect addition to your fall garden. 

You already know that the benefits of growing food at home are two-fold. First, you get the joy of food that’s just been picked being brought right onto your table. Don’t you just love that freshness!

Second, the food you grow at home is super nutritious. It didn’t need to travel by planes, trains, or automobiles just to reach you. It  just travelled a few feet, so it has got all its original nutrition. 

Healthy onions and garlic for the autumn season

Onion and garlic are two foods that are perfect to plant right now. You love these both year round. But now is the time to plant them so you can enjoy them right from your garden. They’ll make your taste buds happy and be a great addition to any recipe when they harvest in the spring.

But you shouldn’t just plant these two because they taste good. You want to grow these because they offer so much health value. You’re staying active and trying to eat well. Now you’re looking for some “extra credit”. 

So let’s take a minute to discuss many of the health benefits of onion and garlic. 

Health Benefits of Growing Onions

Onions are nutritious in so many ways. They have antioxidants. So they can stop inflammation in your body.

They have tons of vitamin C. They’re better than a big box of kleenex when you have a cold. And they can make your skin and hair super healthy too.

Plus they can help you prevent serious health problems. They’ve been shown to lower blood pressure. And there’s even some research that they can play a part in a cancer-prevention diet. 

Health Benefits of Growing Garlic

So now that we’ve sung the praises of onions, let’s get to garlic. Because this food is a nutrient powerhouse too. 

Like onions, garlic is good for colds and flus. It’s high in antioxidants. And it’s just great to eat to help keep yourself healthy.

It’s an extremely heart healthy food. Like onions, it’s been shown to help with hypertension. Plus, it might be good for your cholesterol too. And it can help fight against hardening of the arteries too. 

Plus, garlic may help your goal of living a full and long life. It’s been shown to help prevent things like dementia. And these are the times in your life that you’ll want to remember. 

Plant for a bountiful spring harvest

So now you know you want to eat it. But first you’ve got to plant it. So let’s quickly go over what to do next. Here’s some garlic planting tips to help you reap abundance. Let’s get ready for lots of garlic bulbs this spring.

  • Make sure to plant them in a place where they’ll get 5 to 6 hours of sun each day.
  • Plant them away from pooling water so they don’t rot.
  • Make sure to plant with the clove pointy side up.
  • Look to see that you’ve planted the cloves 1 to 2 inches deep.
  • Mulch with 4 to 6 inches of straw to get through winter. 
  • Remove the straw in April so they don’t rot. 

Now you’ll be ready to harvest and enjoy inside your favorite recipes next spring. Here’s how to plant and harvest your garlic for best results. 

So by now you should be excited about the addition of onion and garlic to your fall garden. Now’s the time to get started for better health this spring. Be sure to stop by Stockslagers Greenhouse for garlic and onion sets for autumn planting in your Dayton Ohio garden.

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