benefits of snow in garden

Benefits of Shoveling Snow into Your Garden

When the frost “nibbles at your nose” and the snow falls, it’s tempting to stay inside and leave your garden until spring.

But after reading this article, you might be inspired to shovel even more snow into your garden… because of the many benefits that snow gives plants.

Here’s a list of benefits that snow can have for the plants in your garden… and a great reason to get outside and do some winter gardening near Dayton Ohio this year.

The 4 Benefits of Snow in your garden

Why should you focus on getting snow in your garden? Though it may seem counterintuitive, snow brings a lot of nutrients and protection to the garden you diligently tended to throughout the warmer months.

1.   Protection from Temperature Changes

When the snow covers your plants, it becomes a barrier from the different changes in temperature that occur so often in the winter. Keeping those roots from getting dry and cracking is key during the winter, and that can happen if the soil warms and chills in a short amount of time.

2.   The “Poor Man’s Fertilizer

As the snow comes down, it catches nitrogen and sulfur into the flakes. As it melts into the soil, these nutrients release and trickle down, keeping your garden healthy throughout the snowfall and winter months.

Additionally, the moisture of the snow allows for the soil to stay properly hydrated. If the soil isn’t covered with snow, it can dry out and cause problems in the future.

3.   A Natural Mulch

With a constant cover of snow, protection to your plants is guaranteed. Keeping your trees and garden under a constant layer of snow provides the same coverage that mulch would throughout the warmer months.

If there is not a constant cover of snow where you live, make sure to mulch. Though this may seem difficult, it is possible to mulch over the snow coverage, as long as temperatures are consistently freezing. When it melts, your mulch will serve as protection for the roots.

4.   Snow is a Beautiful Addition

            Perhaps the most exciting thing, and the least amount of work, is the fact that snow works as a natural decoration to your garden. Not only will it get you in the holiday spirit, but also it adds cheer to even the dreariest winter months.

Along with the snow, adding decorations throughout the garden, or even a snowman or two will keep the “spice” in your decor.

Shoveling snow into your garden can give you a purpose during the winter if gardening is something you love. While many would abandon their gardening through snowfall, knowing these benefits allows for you to keep up with your garden, and have it at its best for the spring!

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