reasons to grow plants in terra cotta pots

5 Reasons to Grow Plants in Terra Cotta Pots

Looking for a stylish way to grow your plants indoors? Or maybe you’re trying to find the best pots for outdoor plants?

You can’t go wrong with terra cotta pots.

Their beautiful reddish brown natural color — and porous material — is perfect for nearly any space and any plant. You can even paint the pots if you want a different look!

Benefits of Growing Plants in Terra Cotta Pots

1.   These Porous Pots Allow Air Flow, So Plants Can Breathe.

Because Terra Cotta is porous, this allows for more airflow to your plants. Without that extra breathing space, the plants would most likely wilt and become susceptible to rot, mold, and disease.

2.   They’re Perfect for Rooting Cuttings

Once again, the breathable nature of Terra Cotta pots allow for cuttings to root better.

Because of this, the plants will not “succumb to mildew” like they would in other pots or even glass or plastic jars.

Be sure to keep your pots in a semi-dry area, though, as they may grow mold if they are too wet for too long. However, this mold should not affect your plants, and will not grow inside of the pot with soil present.

3.   Help Your Outside Plants to Grow

Before planting season for some of your vegetables or fruits, Terra Cotta pots are a great solution to growing indoors before moving the plants outside.

Keeping the seeds aerated and contained indoors within the pot will help them to thrive once moved outside.

4.   Sturdier, Heavier Material Offers Stability

If you are worried about your pots constantly falling over outdoors, look no further than the Terra Cotta pot.

Because it is a heavier material, the bottom weight will keep it from toppling over and spilling your plants. But, this material isn’t too heavy where you wouldn’t be able to transport the plants if needed.

Terra Cotta pots are versatile mostly because they come in so many different sizes and shapes. From the smallest pot that could hold a single flower, to large tub-sized pots, Terra Cotta can be useful both indoors and outdoors.

5.   Terra Cotta Can Be Reused

Though a downside of the pot is that it is breakable, it is not impossible to repair––or repurpose.

Many people will recraft the pots into things like jewelry stands or even wreaths. So, if you have any extra pots laying around, or don’t want to repair yours, get crafty and save the materials for creating something new and unique.

Where Can You Find Terra Cotta Pots near Dayton Ohio?

Because they are so popular, Terra Cotta Pots can usually always be found in the gardening section of any store.

If you’re looking for a place to pick up your pots, check out Stockslagers Greenhouse and Garden Center near Dayton to explore a variety of potting options for your indoor and outdoor gardens.

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