Growing Plants That Work Together

Ever wonder why your plants aren’t thriving the way you want them to be?

The reality is that some plants grow better when they are grouped together. Knowing the tricks and information for the plants that go together is essential when trying to keep a garden that is grouped in one. 

Gardens that are designed as “permaculture” gardens will require the right research in order to make sure your plants are going to grow strong, rather than wilting due to the wrong mix of plants. 

Permaculture means “permanent agriculture”, and is a way to keep your garden going year round, whether it is indoors or outdoors. But, in order to make this method work, you need to know what plants will grow well together, and what to avoid. 

Why Do Certain Plants Grow Well Together?

Companion plants” are plants that increase the nutrients in the soil if they are placed with plants that grow well with each other. 

And, of course, if there are plants that increase the nutrients when they are together, the opposite can happen if you’re not careful. 

If one plant draws nutrients into the soil, another plant may draw helpful insects to the area, or ward off any pests that try to eat the plants. 

As with corn, beans, and squash, the plants work together to get the correct amount of nutrition needed. The beans put nitrogen in the soil that helps the corn to grow, while the corn supports the beans as they grow up the stalk. Lastly, the squash leaves give off shade to ward off any weeds that would take away the nutrients of the other plants. 

Plants to Group

In Zone 6 in Ohio, it is best to group together corn, beans, and squash, as mentioned before. The soil is rich in nutrients for them to grow well, and the temperament of the weather is perfect if planted in the correct season. 

Broccoli and Beets work well together because the beets do not require too much calcium in order to grow well. 

For potatoes, which are great in Zone 6, cucumbers, tomatoes, and raspberries are harmful because they draw pests toward the soil, which will hinder the growth of the potato. However, lettuce and horseradish are great companion plants because they provide disease resistance to the plant. 

Pumpkins are perfect for Zone 6, and great for the holidays. The nice thing about this plant is that you really only want to stay away from potatoes when planting them. Plants that are good for companion planting are beans, corn, and squash.

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