beginner's guide to bonsai trees

The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Bonsai Trees

Have you been wanting to follow the trend of growing your own Bonsai tree? Though they may seem intimidating, following some simple tips will help your tree to flourish.  But it’s not just about the looks––Bonsai trees have a rich history reaching back thousands of years.  The History of Bonsai Trees Bonsai trees were discovered …

best flowers to grow in ohio

Easy-Growing Flowers to Plant in Ohio (Zone 6)

Ah, flowers. The fragrant harbingers of spring and summer are even more delightful when they grow profusely. Maybe you’ve seen the gardens and yards of “flower experts” … people who seem to know how to grow fields of flowers, and you’re wondering how they do it. Part of their secret: they know which flowers thrive …

5 steps to your permaculture garden

5 Steps to Growing the Permaculture Garden of Your Dreams

Growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs is often thought of as a spring and summer activity.  With permaculture, though, this year round activity is both sustainable and enjoyable! Permaculture is the word for “permanent agriculture”. Using this method is using the natural resources around you, like the sun and rain, to cultivate your growing …

four seasons plant program

The Gift That Keeps Giving Each Month: Our 4 Seasons Plant Program

Running around town looking for holiday gifts? With not much time left to shop, and the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent, finding alternatives to the usual gift can be tricky. The turning of the seasons means a lot of change, both with the weather and chapters of your life. It can be difficult, especially now, to …

problem solving houseplants

Problems with Houseplants? 5 tips to bring them back to health

Winter is finally here, and with it comes moving a lot of plants indoors. At Stockslagers, we have a wide variety of indoor plants to make your home healthier and happier. Whether you’re a first time plant owner or a seasoned pro, learning to care for your plants correctly is the number one step to …

benefits of snow in garden

Benefits of Shoveling Snow into Your Garden

When the frost “nibbles at your nose” and the snow falls, it’s tempting to stay inside and leave your garden until spring. But after reading this article, you might be inspired to shovel even more snow into your garden… because of the many benefits that snow gives plants. Here’s a list of benefits that snow …