7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Diagnosing Problems With Your Houseplant

Written by Paige Vandiver When those delightful plants that bring so much joy and color to your space are looking unhappy, there are some common questions you can ask yourself when investigating how to bring them back to life. 1 – Do You Know Your Plant? Getting to know your plant is the first step …

paperwhite flowers

The Care and Keeping of Paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta)

Written by Paige Vandiver When sleigh bells are ringing and snow is billowing through the air, you might think that flowers and springtime are months away. But while you’re decking the halls for the holiday season, don’t overlook one of the most beautiful ways to decorate for Christmas: with the elegant and cheerful Paperwhite flower.  …


When is it Too Late to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs?

Written by Paige Vandiver If you stopped by Stockslagers on a crisp Autumn day and grabbed yourself a bunch of spring-blooming bulbs, you might feel like you’re “under the gun” to get them in the ground as soon as possible. Or maybe you haven’t gotten the chance to stop by the garden center this fall, …


Will Your Mums Come Back Next Year? It Depends.

Written by Paige Vandiver You look forward to it every fall – heading to Stockslagers, perusing all of the pumpkins and painted gourds, autumn-themed ornaments and cider-scented candles sure to make your stoop and dining table are Pinterest-worthy! And of course, mums – the happy puffballs of of pure fall joy. These are the flowers …

indoor herb garden

5 Simple Steps to Growing Herbs Indoors This Winter

Written by Paige Vandiver Growing your own lush and fragrant green herbs in your indoor garden can help your home become your oasis during a cold, snowy winter, and add fresh flavor to your seasonal dishes, wintertime cocktails, and hot teas.  It takes a little planning and extra care, but these 5 steps will help …


Better Soil, Fewer Weeds: Why You Should Plant Cover Crops Before Frost

Written by Paige Vandiver It’s late summer or early fall, your garden is getting sleepy and ready to hibernate for the winter, and you’re already beginning to daydream of next spring when you can get a fresh start. Well you can start prepping now!  One of the major things you can do to improve next …

hydrangeas dayton ohio

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Planting Hydrangeas near Dayton, Ohio

Written by Paige Vandiver Did you know that planting hydrangeas isn’t just for early spring? The cider-sippin’ fall season is a fantastic – and perhaps even the best – time to plant your hydrangeas. A fall planting time allows you to establish a solid, healthy root system now for a bounty of summer blooms. You …