Plant the Garden of Your Dreams this April

Why Wait to Plant until April? If you’re wanting to get a head start on your planting, you may want to reconsider. Though you may be really excited to get those plants in the ground and start your aesthetic and practical gardening together, waiting until April 15 is the proper choice.  April is the unofficial …


How to Plant a Pollinator Garden (And Support Your Local Bees!)

Helping the bees is more important now than ever. There have been widespread declines in the population of North American bees, and it’s all due to problems with pesticides, disease, change in climate, and loss of habitat. Creating a pollinator garden can be a great way to help the bees. But, what’s a pollinator garden, …


5 Teas to Grow in Your Ohio Garden to Benefit Your Health

You’ve heard of an herb garden, but have you considered planting a TEA garden? Growing herbal teas isn’t just great for enjoying them in a hot brewed beverage, but can also boost your immune system and your mood! Many people find that they are much prouder of themselves for growing herbs themselves. In this article, …


The 5 Most Common Problems When Starting Seeds Indoors

We’ve seen it time and again: someone gets all excited to start their seeds indoors, but each year, their baby plants fail, for one reason or another.  In this article, we’ve identified the 5 most common problems people have when they start seeds indoors… and how you can avoid these mistakes. Not Keeping Seeds Warm …

beginner's guide to bonsai trees

The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Bonsai Trees

Have you been wanting to follow the trend of growing your own Bonsai tree? Though they may seem intimidating, following some simple tips will help your tree to flourish.  But it’s not just about the looks––Bonsai trees have a rich history reaching back thousands of years.  The History of Bonsai Trees Bonsai trees were discovered …

best flowers to grow in ohio

Easy-Growing Flowers to Plant in Ohio (Zone 6)

Ah, flowers. The fragrant harbingers of spring and summer are even more delightful when they grow profusely. Maybe you’ve seen the gardens and yards of “flower experts” … people who seem to know how to grow fields of flowers, and you’re wondering how they do it. Part of their secret: they know which flowers thrive …