Prevent Excess Rainwater Runoff by Installing a Hard-Working Rain Garden

What is a rain garden? It’s a beautiful solution to stormwater run-off that comes from the roof, driveway, or any other area that collects rainwater. A rain garden can look decorative. But it is a practical solution to prevent flooding, as well as protect against toxins that rainwater may carry. Run-off collects dirt, bacteria, and …

how to tell if your mums made it through the winter

How to tell if your mums made it through the winter

The answer is a bit tricky. Technically mums are annuals. That means that they complete their life cycle within a single growing season, die, and don’t come back. But this is where the answer becomes complicated. In certain situations, mums can actually be perennials. This means that they will bloom again in spring.  Your mums …

pansies for early spring

Why pansies are some of the strongest plants for early spring

Want to make your spring garden really stand out? Consider planting pansies.  Pansies are some of the strongest plants for early spring. Here’s why they’ll make such a phenomenal addition to your garden.  Pansies are the first plant to celebrate spring The cold, harsh winter is over. It’s time to get excited about the leaves …

white mold on terra cotta pots

What to do About White Mold on Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots are a popular option. However, they’re at risk for growing white mold. White mold is usually not dangerous. But it is inconvenient.  Since terracotta pots can develop white mold, we’ll go over why this happens. And we’ll discuss steps you can take so you can protect the plants in your home. That way, …

plant potatoes in ohio

In Ohio, Plant Potatoes around Saint Patrick’s Day. Here’s How.

You may know that planting potatoes by Saint Patrick’s Day is tradition here in Ohio. What you may not know is why.  This tradition originated in Ireland. And it started back to the 1800s after the Great Potato Famine ended. So you may wonder why you’re still planting your potatoes like that here in Ohio. …