Hibiscus Syriacus

How (& When) To Plant Hardy Hibiscus In Ohio

The term “hardy hibiscus” is a generic term used to describe a couple of different species, as well as their hybrids, all of which are a member of the rose mallow group of the Malvaceae family: the same family as the standard tropical hibiscus. Hardy hibiscus, as the name suggests are “cold-hardy” unlike their tropical …

cutest gourd crafts for fall

The Cutest Gourd Crafts From Around The Web

Gourds have been used for several purposes over the years. From being used by the Egyptians as water bottles centuries ago to now being used as utensils, ornaments, containers, birdhouses and even lanterns. The appearance of gourds have improved over the years, creatives have been exploring cute and fun ways to make these versatile non-edible …

knockout roses

Easy to Grow, Profuse Blooms: All About Knockout Roses

Roses are an absolute delight. We love to see those beautiful and vibrantly colored blossoms in our gardens. The versatility of roses makes them the perfect ornamental plant. As much as they make a lovely sight, roses can be quite tricky for gardeners. Not only do they require a lot of hard work to grow, …


Hummingbird’s Delight: The Allure of Shrimp Plants

Looking for a tropical getaway this summer? Try turning your garden into a vacation of its own by adding the colorful, exotic shrimp plant. These hardy shrubs can easily transform a basic backyard garden into a floral paradise, while putting your hummingbird feeder out of a job. Let’s get into what shrimp plants are, how …


How & When To Fertilize Hydrangeas in Ohio (Zone 6)

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowering plants that are vibrant in color. Just like other flowers, they bloom best when they are properly cared for. Common hydrangeas grown in Ohio include: Climbing hydrangeas Oakleaf hydrangeas Smooth hydrangeas Panicle hydrangeas Bigleaf hydrangeas As with any living thing, hydrangeas need food to thrive. HOW TO TELL IF YOU NEED …


Our Top 10 Plants that Thrive in the Shade

While we all love the beautiful blooms of marigolds and sunflowers, these sun-loving flowers aren’t always practical for a shady backyard garden. But don’t fret; you can still enjoy a rich, colorful garden without worrying about getting enough sun. These ten plants thrive in shady environments, whether you’re looking for something a bold annual flower …


The most unique hanging baskets in Dayton (Extremely Rare Hanging Basket Flowers)

In our seven acres of greenhouses, Stockslager’s Greenhouse and Garden Center grows flowering hanging basket varieties you won’t find anywhere else. Here are just a few of the rarest gems we grow right here in New Lebanon (near Dayton, Ohio) … and some tidbits and fun facts on these rare beauties. Even though we’re sold …