Written by Amie Byrd

Are you tired of constantly grooming your flower beds? Do you have a lot of empty space that you can’t seem to keep weed-free? Stop fighting with nature! Instead invite it back into your garden and create that rural oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Up your gardening Zen factor by letting nature do most of the work. Kick back and relax with these perennial flowers perfect for Zone 6:

Black-eyed Susan

One of the most popular wildflowers grown, these native beauties are members of the sunflower family. Butterflies and bees will thank you for this added show of color wherever you choose to grow them.

• Best grown in full sun
• Plant once soil temperature reaches 70 degrees (March–May)
• Use moist, well-drained soil
• Height: 1–3 feet tall
• Width: 12–18 inches
• Black-eyed Susan’s reseed themselves after the first season

Wild Geranium

The Geranium maculatum has one of the largest flowers in its species. Offering a pink-purple pop to many landscapes, it has several colloquial names like alum root, alum bloom or (my favorite) old maid’s nightcap.

• Best grown in full or partial sun
• Plant in late fall or early spring
• Use moist, rich soil
• Height: 1–2 feet tall
• Width: 12–18 inches


A typical garden plant in Europe, this drought-resistant wildflower symbolizes good fortune. For 2–3 months it offers a fluffy, yellow bloom.

• Best grown in full sun
• Plant in early spring
• Use moist soil and keep moist until it sprouts
• Height: Over 5 feet tall
• Width: 1–3 feet

Butterfly Weed

What’s in a name? This one says it all. A popular plant among pollinators, this species of milkweed produces lots of nectar plus a range of bright orange and yellow flowers. Add this to your garden if you’d love to see more Monarchs or Swallowtails.

• Best grown in full sun
• Plant in spring or late summer
• Does well in many soil types (including dry)
• Height: 1–2 feet
• Width: Flower clusters up to 2 inches

Marsh Marigold

Also known as cowslip or kingcup, this plant has been referred to in literary works from Shakespeare to Brontë. It thrives in wet conditions and promises a truly mesmerizing welcome to spring showers.

• Best grown in full sun
• Plant in spring or summer
• Use moist, wet soil
• Height: 1–3 feet
• Width: 1–1 ½ feet

Joe Pye Weed

Looking for the perfect backdrop to your garden escape? This large plant adds a beautiful mauve color to any landscape and requires little to no maintenance.

• Best grown in full or partial sun
• Plant in spring or fall
• Use rich, moist soil
• Height: 5–6 feet
• Width: 2–4 feet

Bee Balm

This fragrant flower will attract all sorts of wildlife visitors. From butterflies and bees to hummingbirds, bring nature back into your space with beautiful blooms of purple, pink, white and more!

• Best grown in full sun
• Plant in spring or fall
• Use loamy soil
• Height: 1–4 feet
• Width: 1–3 feet

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